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The Scarecrow Video Podcast Episode 27: Best of the 1980s

Matt, Spenser, and I get out of the sun and head down to our neighbors at Dantes for some tublar film chat in the latest episode of The Scarecrow Video Podcast.


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This episode has the exciting addition of  actual listener email!  Loyal listener Brian asks us about Jim Wynorksi (writer/director of Chopping Mall) and asks about his other films and other low-budget cheesy cinema goodness; Matt and Spenser, with the help of the Internet, run through his filmography and dish out some suggestions. We invite you to send your pressing movie questions or topics you'd like us to discuss to


We start with our usual round-up of what we've been watching lately. Matt and Spenser have been enjoying some early 80s Hong Kong movies, including John Woo's Heroes Shed No Tears and Fantasy Mission Force with Jackie Chan.


I'm finally watching The Guild starring Felicia Day and her fellow Knights of Good. Season Three introduces Wil Wheaton as rival gamer Fawkes, head of the Axis of Anarchy.


We also spend a good amount of time dissecting our BEST OF THE 1980s picks. You'll find the full list of the films in this special rental section on our blog. Hopefully we'll have BEST OF THE 1980s II: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO section some time in the future so we can include some of the obvious titles we somehow forgot.


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