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The Scarecrow Video Podcast Episode 26: Live from Sakura-Con 2012

One weekend every spring, Scarecrow packs up the Studio Ghibli DVDs, Korean TV dramas, and a bunch of other Asian cinema and heads to Sakura-Con, Seattle's gigantic anime convention held downtown at the Washington State Convention Center. We spend the next three days immersed in a fascinating genre of movies and pop culture few of us at the store know anything about.


Even after years of attendance working the booth, Matt remains baffled and a little bit frightened by the spectacle. Alex, our resident store expert on the subject, joins him live from the Exhibitor's Hall to walk us through the world of anime in the latest episode of The Scarecrow Video Podcast. Note: There are a few swear words in this episode; use caution while listening at work.


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battle royale

A glimpse of our booth and the infamous Battle Royale.


Be sure to read Alex's most recent blog post about her Anime Spotlight special section Space Operas!. Her older posts have great recommendations as well.


We didn't get much of a chance to leave the booth, much less run around and take pictures of all the great costumes, but The Stranger and GeekWire both have nice photo galleries that give you an idea of what was streaming past us all day.


Thanks so much to all those who stopped by our booth over the three-day experience and to the amazing staff at Sakura-Con.


Previous Scarecrow Video Podcast episodes can be found in our archives.


And now, because Matt brought it up and the song is in my head, here's Matthew Sweet's video for "Girlfriend," the first bit of anime many of us ever saw.


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