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Anime Spotlight: Space Operas!

Last Anime Spotlight was an OVA theme, which meant anime that was essentially shorter than a series or longer than a feature film. that spotlight was up for so long you had enough time to watch everything in there!

Finally, a new spotlight theme is up! Aptly titled "Space Operas!" which is a term coined originally by Leiji Matsumoto (Galaxy Express 999, Captain Harlock series). Calling this category of anime just "Sci-fi" would be too vague. These shows and movies all take place aboard various giant floating ship colonies of varying sizes. Maybe sometimes they have the luxury (or urgency) to touch ground on a nearby planet, but for these characters, their lives unfold floating on the final frontier.

Drama in outer space is way harder then on Earth, I'm telling ya. so much added stress involving aliens, robots, gravity, malfunctioning space gear, floating debris, insane captains, mutinies, and "space whales". you know, the usual.

oh, did I say space whale? Have you heard of Hakugei - The Legend of Moby Dick? it's Moby Dick in FUTURE SPACE. Anime is so awesome.



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