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VHS on SALE & Cinema happenings for the week of March 9

Before we get to this week's theatrical events, we must inform you that our VHS BLOWOUT SALE is going on now. The vast majority of our VHS tapes priced at TWENTY-FIVE CENTS aka ONE QUARTER each.  That's quite a bargain! Now, here's some of what's on screens around town:


SIFF Cinema

Opening Friday, March 9

LET THE BULLETS FLY--It's a comedy, a western, and a gangster movie. It stars Chow Yun-Fat and is China's highest-grossing movie ever.

LULA, SON OF BRAZIL--"A richly produced, deeply moving story of the early years of Brazil's most beloved president, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva."

TIM AND ERIC'S BILLION DOLLAR MOVIE--Friends-of-the-store Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric's Awesome Show! Great Job! fame have made a major motion picture. Here's a review from The Atlantic to help you figure out if it's the right movie for you.


Friday, March 9

RUSHMORE--"I think you have to find something that you love to do and then do that for the rest of your life. For me, that’s going to Rushmore." You can hear me gush about Wes Anderson's film in a segment we did for KUOW.  This screening is part of SIFF FutureWave's Class Reunion: High School Through the Ages series.


Saturday March 10 & Sunday, March 11

PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE--I knew I was in love with this movie at the moment Pee-Wee gleefully whispers, "Good morning" to his bike. I've seen it countless times since my youth and never fail to tire of its charms. You should treat yourself and your family to seeing this on the big screen. It's showing as part of SIFF's Films4Families series.


Monday, March 13

FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF--This movie is perfect. Just pretend that Super Bowl commercial never happened.


Thursday, March 15

NORWEGIAN NINJA--A Scarecrow Video staff favorite! "Death strikes silently from the fjords! From the producers of Dead Snow comes this ass-kicking love letter to 80's ninja movies, James Bond, and conspiracy thrillers." This special presentation of is part of the Psychotronic Cinema series.


Continuing runs

PINA--Wim Wenders' Oscar-nominated documentary is a dazzling tribute to choreographer Pina Bausch. SIFF is showing it in lovely 3D.

KILL LIST--This UK hit "is a mind-blowing genre concoction blending family drama, hitman action-thriller, and terrifying psychological horror."

CORIOLANUS--Ralph Fiennes directed and stars in this modern-day adaptation of Shakespeare's seventeenth-century Roman tragedy. The supporting cast includes Jessica Chastain, Gerard Bulter, Brian Cox, and Vanessa Redgrave.

ON THE ICE--"Set amidst the frozen ice fields of Barrow, Alaska, Andrew Okpeaha MacLean’s debut feature film explores the nature of conscience in the aftermath of a fatal accident that nearly tears apart a close-knit community of native villagers."


Northwest Film Forum

Friday, March 9

FRAMING PICTURES--Join local film critics Robert Horton, Kathleen Murphy, and Richard Jameson for general movie chat. As NWFF said on their Facebook page, "the conversation's free flowing, the wine and beer are local, and the discussion is engaging. No charge See you at 5pm!"

BATTLE ROYALE--"An instant classic when it debuted in 2000, and the final complete directorial effort of the legendary Kinji Fukasaku, Battle Royale is a jarring, jaw-dropping look at a future Japan where a group of 42 largely delinquent ninth-graders are chosen through a governmental lottery to kill each other off.  The reason?  To reduce crime and a general lack of respect by the youth in the country. "  I know it sounds a little Hunger Games, but rememer this was done far before the book, and it's really not that simillar.  I only saw it once twelve years ago but there are parts of the film that have stayed with me ever since. I imagine the same will happen to you.


Friday, March 9--Thursday, March 15

HOW TO MAKE A BOOK WITH STEIDL--"For those of us who love the sensuality of a physical book—its heft, the whispered flick of a turned page, the comfortably musty smell of a long-loved library—How to Make a Book with Steidl is a timely celebration of a fading art form." The film follows German art-book publisher Gerhard Steidl on a tour of the United States to visit fellow artists.


Friday, March 8--Sunday, March 11

THE DREILEBEN TRILOGY--Three German directors present three intersecting crime films following the same manhunt. It begins Friday with Christian Petzold's BEATS BEING DEAD, Saturday brings Dominik Graf's DON'T FOLLOW ME AROUND, and ends Sunday with Christoph Hochhäusler's ONE MINUTE OF DARKNESS.


Thursday, March 15--Saturday, March 17

JACK HITT: MAKING UP THE TRUTH--" "In his new solo show, 'This American Life' regular, Jack Hitt, tells extravagant, almost unbelievable, true tales from his life experience. Making Up The Truth weaves stories together with the latest findings in contemporary brain science to answer the question, 'Why do these things always happen to me?'"



Central Cinema

Friday, March 9--Sunday, March 11

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER--I'd be willing to bet 95 percent of the people leaving the theater after these screenings will be strutting a bit like Travolta on their way out. There's only a 5 percent chance anyone will then go disco dancing.


Friday, March 9--Wednesday, March 14

V FOR VENDETTA--Rise up against The Man with the film adaptation of Alan Moore's graphic novel. I would like to thank this film for giving us the best band name ever: Natalie Portman's Shaved Head. After a few years the band changed their name to Brite Futures, but it was good while it lasted.


Monday, March 12

STAYIN' ALIVE--Jason Miller's BADMOVIEART returns with with the sequel to Saturday Night Fever. We spoke with Mr. Miller about the greatness of John Travolta on a recent episode of The Scarecrow Video Podcast.


Tuesday, March 13

CROCODILE DUNDEE--A Boys Pajama Party with Aussie sensation Paul Hogan.


Wednesday, March 14

LADYHAWKE--The fine folks at GeekGirilCon bring you the thrilling 80s adventure film starring a pre-Ferris Matthew Broderick.


Thursday, March 15

CARTOON HAPPY HOUR--A family-friendly happy hour with classic cartoons from 5:30-7pm

THE ROOM--Another chance to experience the phenomenon that is Tommy Wiseau's film.


Grand Illusion Cinema

Friday, March 9--Thursday, March 15

HOUSE OF PLEASURES--The Seattle premiere of Bertrand Bonello's "highly cinematic and atmospheric look at the final days of a turn of the century brothel, when much of the Parisian sex trade was confined to grand maisons, populated by elegant madams and vetted clientele..."


Friday, March 9

MAGMA FEST'S QUEER VARIETY SHOW--The Grand Illusion hosts this variety program featuring music by Dave End, Theo Hilton, films by Clyde Peterson, and Emceed by Jordan O'Jordan. All tickets sales will benefit Hollow Earth Radio in their mission to support underrepresented music, sounds and perspectives.


Saturday, March 10

SCI-FI SATURDAY SECRET MATINEE--The Sprocket Society's continuing series of science fiction matinees. Every Saturday, they'll show an episode of the 1939 BUCK ROGERS serial along with a surpise movie--favorites, rarities, and cult classics from 1919-1974. March's theme is BEASTS FROM BEYOND!

RAW FORCE--"A group of martial arts students are en route to a remote island that is supposedly home to the ghosts of martial artists who have lost their honor. It turns out that a Hitler look-alike and his gang are running a female slavery operation on the island as well. Soon, the two groups meet and all sorts of crazy things start happening: cannibal monks, piranhas, zombies and more weirdness!"  The Grand Illusion is playing this fine film from a super-rare 35mm print.


Lastly, the 2012 Seattle Jewish Film Festival begins Thursday, March 15. The Opening Night film MABUL/THE FLOOD is at the Cinerama, followed by a special VIP Tom Douglas After Party at Palace Ballroom. The festival continues through March 25 with films and events at Pacific Place and SIFF Cinema. Visit the festival's schedule page for the full list of events.


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