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The Scarecrow Video Podcast Episode 23: Obviously, The Artist

For the latest episode of The Scarecrow Video Podcast, Matt Lynch, Marc Palm and I met at Aster Coffee Lounge in Ballard to fill out our ballots for Scarecrow's Oscar Pool.** Follow along as we discuss who we think will win versus who we actually want to win, the inevitability of an ARTIST sweep, why I have to bake a Nick Nolte-themed cake, and Marc's time-honored Oscar Pool stategy.



There may be a few stray curse words, so use caution when listing at work. You can also download it from iTunes. We'd greatly appreciate any reviews/ratings/feedback you may happen to leave there.


The 84th Academy Awards begin at 5pm PST with host Billy Crystal. Here's the opening sequence from the last time he hosted, way back in 2004.


And for reasons you'll learn towards the end of the podcast, here's the trailer for FORREST GUMP:

PODCAST CORRECTION: Melissa McCarthy did not win, and was not even nominated, for a Golden Globe for BRIDESMAIDS. We must have transported to a magical dream land for a few minutes there.

Happy Oscar weekend! Here's an Oscar drinking game courtesy of Esquire for your responsible use.


**It's all for fun, Feds, there's no real betting going on.

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