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Beverly Hills Cop II and the rest of the cinema happenings for the week of February 10

There are many great things playing on screens in Seattle this week. Let's get to it:

Central Cinema

Monday, February 13

BEVERLY HILLS COP II--Our collegaue Matt Lynch presents what he calls "one of the greatest most morally bankrupt star vehicles the 80s ever shoved down our throats." It's not to be missed.


Friday, February 10

EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE: DOGGIE WOGGIEZ! POOCHIE WOOCHIE!--The VHS footage aficionados return to Central Cinema. If this is what their website says it is, "creating a remake of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 1973 Film, The Holy Mountain, using only dog-related found footage," then you absolutely must attend.


Friday, February 10 & Saturday, February 11

ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE--Watching the trailer for this really makes me want to go back and re-watch episodes of IN LIVING COLOR.


Friday, February 10--Monday, February 13 and Wednesday, February 15

FLETCH--I have to admint something. While I've seen SPIES LIKE US several times, I haven't seen FLETCH yet. I'd better stay after BEVERLY HILLS COP II and correct this problem.


Valentine's Day: Tuesday, February 14

MOULIN ROUGE--A swoon-riffic Sing AND Quote Along!


Thursday, February 16

CARTOON HAPPY HOUR--A family-friendly happy hour with classic cartoons from 5:30-7pm. A note to the Washington State Liquor Board: Please keep Central Cinema all-ages.

THE ROOM--Experience the phenomenon that is Tommy Wiseau's film.



SIFF Cinema

Thursday, February 16

STUNT ROCK--The Psychotronic Cinema series continues with this Scarecrow staff favorite from Australia that combines stuntman kicks with sweet guitar licks. Brace yourself for Ozploitation awesomeness.


Friday, February 10--Sunday, February 12

LOONEY TUNES CARTOON FESTIVAL--A whole weekend of Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner, Tweety & Sylvester, Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny and many others. The fest begins Friday with ONE FROGGY EVENING: THE BEST OF CHUCK JONES. Visit the fest's site for the rest of the weekend's films.


Saturday, February 11

(1) MONTH OF JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT--SIFF's celebration of all things JG-L continues withthe certified teen classic 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU. I just watched this film for the first time a few months agon, and though I am well past my teen years, I couldn't help but love it. It's great to watch just to remind yourself how great Seattle looks in the sunshine. You'll find my review in the Scarecrow on Seattle archives on the City of Seattle Office of Film + Music webpage.


Opening Friday, February 10

CRAZY HORSE--Master documentarian Frederick Wiseman takes his camera inside the legendary Parisian cabaret club. We invite you to check out Mr. Wiseman's section up in our documentary room.

LOOSIES--A young pickpocket is forced to reevaluate his life when a one-night stand returns to tell him she's pregnant. The film stars Peter Facinelli, Jaimie Alexander, Michael Madsen, Vincent Gallo, and William Forsythe.


Continuing runs

CORIOLANUS--Ralph Fiennes directed and stars in this modern-day adaptation of Shakespeare's 17th century Roman tragedy. The supporting cast includes Jessica Chastain, Gerard Bulter, Brian Cox, and Vanessa Redgrave.

MARGARET--Our colleage/podcast host Matt went to an advance screening and highly recommends this "densely-layered tale of teenage angst" starring Anna Paquin and directed by Kenneth Longeran (You Can Count On Me).

NORWEGIAN WOOD--French-Vietnamese director Tran Anh Hung's film based on the bittersweet coming-of-age novel by Haruki Murakami. I thought it would be impossible to adapt a Murakami novel to a movie, but this film does the book right.


Northwest Film Forum

Friday, February 10

FRAMING PICTURES--NWFF's monthly chat with local film critics about current and classic films. They remind you that "beer and wine are available and encouraged."


Friday, February 10--Thursday, February 16

NICHOLAS RAY'S WE CAN'T GO HOME AGAIN--NWFF celebrates REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE director Nicholas Ray's centenary with a double feature of his last film WE CAN'T GO HOME AGAIN and DON'T EXPECT TOO MUCH, a chronicle of how Susan Ray (Nicholas Ray's widow) went about reconstructing and restoring WE CAN'T GO HOME AGAIN. David Spaner, author of Shoot It! Hollywood Inc. and the Rising of Independent Film, will introduce the films at Saturday night's screening. For more on the  and his work, we refer you to Charles Mudede's review in The Stranger.


Tuesday, February 14--Thursday, February 16

ABBAS KIAROSTAMI'S KOKER TRILOGY--Three films "united by their exquisitely poised balancing of fiction and reality, opening the medium to new formal experiences that have now become par for the world cinema course"  from the acclaimed Iranian filmmaker: WHERE IS THE FRIEND'S HOUSE? (1987), AND LIFE GOES ON...(1991), and THROUGH THE OLIVE TREES (1994). If you haven't seen any of Kiarostami's films, this trilogy is a good place to start. He also directed TASTE OF CHERRY and last year's CERTIFIED COPY.


Grand Illusion Cinema

Friday, February 10--Thursday, February 16

SPOKANARCHY!--Chris Estey's documentary "documents the manic highs and desperate lows in the emergence of the punk rock scene in culturally barren 1980s Spokane, Washington. This coming-of-age story becomes a coming-of-middle-age story as the scene's survivors take an unflinching look at their past, and how their lives were shaped by those years of music and mayhem." Estey will be at Saturday's screening for some Q & A.


Saturday, February 11

SCI-FI SATURDAY SECRET MATINEE--The Sprocket Society's continuing series of science fiction matinees. Every Saturday, they'll show an episode of the 1939 BUCK ROGERS serial along with a surpise movie--favorites, rarities, and cult classics from 1919-1974. February's theme is STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES!


Sunday, February 12

DRIVE--An encore screening of the film our aforementioned colleague Matt says is "simultaneously a lean, pulpy neo-noir and a slightly Tarantino-esque pastiche of, in part, some seminal crime thrillers of the late '70s and '80s."


Late Nights: Friday, February 11 & Saturday, February 12

HOUSE OF THE DEVIL--INNKEEPERS director Ti West's 80s-style horror film. "College student Sam (Jocelin Donahue) is eager to earn some cash for an apartment deposit. She takes a baby sitting gig from weirdo Mr. Ulman (Tom Noonan) just in time for a lunar eclipse and winds up in a bloody fight for her life!"


Monday, February 13--Thursday, February 16

SOLDIER OF THE ROAD: A PORTRAIT OF PETER BROTZMANN--"At 70 years old, German saxophonist Peter Brötzmann is one of the most innovative and aggressive reedsmen working today. This new documentary captures the energy of Brötzmann the sax skronker and sheds light on his life as a painter. Soldier of the Road is a portrait of the creativity and inspiration of one of the world's great modern artists."


Trader Joe's Silent Movie Mondays series continues on Monday, February 13 at the Paramount Theatre with WINGS, William Wellman's tale of two WWI pilots vying for the same lady's heart. It stars Clara Bow, Charles "Buddy" Rogers, Richard Arlen, and Gary Cooper in a small role that helped launch him to stardom. WINGS was the first film to ever win the Academy Award for Best Picture. It's also the only silent film to have ever won that far anyway.


Also in theaters this week: Wim Wenders' now Oscar-nominated 3D dance documentary PINA  opens at the Cinerama. Wenders himself will be on hand for Q & A on Friday, February 17. Get your tickets soon as it will most definitely sell out. Then there's STAR WARS EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE in 3D, now playing all around town. I'll leave you to your own rantings about Episode I.

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