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The Scarecrow Video Podcast Episode 21: Topsy Turvy

Now that our podcast can legally drink, it's appropriate that our latest episode takes place at our neighborhood watering hole Dante's. Join Kevin Clarke and Matt and new-to-the-podcast Spenser and Mark Steiner for some booze and quality film chat.

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Spenser watched the Shaw Brothers' 1983  LITTLE DRAGON MAIDEN. This scene unfortunately doesn't show the horrible bird costume Spenser mentions.


Kevin's been watching a lot Mike Leigh movies, mainly from the BBC box set. It includes the apparently wildly popular TV event ABIGAIL'S PARTY.  Note: The short film they mention that was written by and starring Jim Broadbent is called A SENSE OF HISTORY;  you'll find on the Criterion release of TOPSY TURVY. Here's the trailer for NAKED:



Mark watched a "s##t ton" of Ernst Lubitsch films (most notably the silents) and kicks off a great discussion of Woody Allen's films, especially the new on Blu-ray ANNIE HALL.


Matt recently re-examined CAST AWAY, which he calls "Robert Zemeckis' " IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE." The conversation morphs in to an excellent examination of CHINATOWN.


There's a little shop talk about how we make decisions about what to bring in for rent with specifc shout-outs to Warner Archives and other made-on-demand studio titles.


Lastly, Matt was floored by Kenneth Longeran's MARGARET, which opens today at SIFF Cinema.

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