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New to View: MacGuffin Podcast talks Alternative Comic movies and MURDER!

In the latest episode of The MacGuffin Podcast, Spencer and Greg's discussion is inspired by two of this weekend's big new movies.

First, for Steven Spielberg's excellent THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN*, discuss films based on comics and graphic novels that aren't big superhero focused stories like THOR or BATMAN, movies like THE CROW, GHOST WORLD, FROM HELL, ROAD TO PERDITION, AMERICAN SPLENDOR ** & more. I've been meaning to watch SPLENDOR again, if only to revisit Judah Friedlander's peformance.

Next, for David Fincher's remake of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, the MacGuffins share their favorite murder mysteries, from Bogie in THE BIG SLEEP and Mr. Stewart in REAR WINDOW to more modern classics like SEVEN and MEMENTO.

Spencer and Greg end as usual with their DVD Picks of the Week. Both are available here at Scarecrow:

The MacGuffin Podcast films most every Monday evening up in our Literature room. Stop by and say hello!

* I'm not all that familiar with the TINTIN comics, but I thought the film was abundant with both action and charm. I recommend seeing it just to find out what Spielberg can do outside the confines of live action. And I wasn't creeped out by the mo-cap.

** Greg refers to Harvey Pekar's friend/collaborator R. Crumb as "Harry Crumb," a mistake they correct in the comment section on their site.

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