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VHSXMAS @ The Grand Illusion Cinema

A Once In A Lifetime Experience!

Scarecrow Video and The Grand Illusion Cinema team up to bring you VHSXMAS!  What the heck is that? We'll it's a one of a kind compilation of rare Christmas footage culled from the vast library of Scarecrow. I helped put this show together and watched many, many, many holiday themed video tapes to find the funniest and most memorable bits for your enjoyment. With the help of Brian Alter we condensed the program to a mighty ninety fast and furious minutes of mind-blowing entertainmernt. You will bear witness to countless moments of absolute merriment and will be filled with a sense of joy only offered from vintage video tape. You will see R. Lee Ermey scream at a snowman, one of Charlie's Angels saving Christmas, a famous TV dad saved from a wrecked building by the power of song, the ellusive Ice Cream Bunny, and--well, I don't want to give much more away. Plus the great Marc Palm will be there selling his groovy posters and T-shirts and Scarecrow may have a few things for sale too (like VivaVHS and the Scarecrow Video Movie Guide Book) that will make great holiday presents. I urge you to get off your duff or drop your plans and get on over to The Grand Illusion Cinema on Saturday December 10 at 9pm only. The cinema is small so don't be late!  

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