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New Actor's Spotlight: Katrin Cartlidge and Ricardo Darin

Every month or so Scarecrow picks two of our favorite actors and gather some of their definitive films in a special rental section. Our last two actors for 2011 are:



You may recognize this British actress from Lars von Trier's BREAKING THE WAVES, the Oscar-winning Bosnian war drama NO MAN'S LAND, and several of Mike Leigh's films, including CAREER GIRLS and NAKED. Cartlidge died in 2002 of complications from pneumonia and septicaemia. She was only 41 years old.



The Argentine actor started his career on TV before making the leap to the big screen in such films as LA ROSALES (1984) and THE STRANGER (1987). More recently, he starred in NINE QUEENS (2000), THE SIGNAL (2007, which he also directed), CARANCHO (2010), and the Oscar-winning SECRET IN THEIR EYES (2009).

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