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New Releases for November 29

Do you need a good laugh? A good cry? An examination of or escape from the existential malaise that is daily life? There’s something for all that and more in this week’s New Releases. Here’s the short but sweet list:

BLU = Also available for rent on Blu-ray

@ = Available for sale in our store

SALE = Also available for purchase from our online mercantile


CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS—Werner Herzog explores the meaning and history of 32,000-year-old paintings inside a cave in France. Our colleague Bryan recommends it in the latest issues of City Arts: “Herzog being Herzog, he also tests out Paleolithic hunting weapons and goes off on a tangent about mutant albino crocodiles.”  BLU  @   SALE


TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL—It feels like forever since this clever horror/comedy/slasher parody played during the Midnight Adrenaline series at SIFF 2010. Leonard Maltin spoke highly of this film back in September on an episode of Doug Loves MoviesBLU  @  SALE


THE FUTURE—The latest from Me, You, and Everyone We Know director Miranda July. Read Brandi Sperry’s review over on The MacGuffin and watch her interview with Ms. July.  @


OUR IDIOT BROTHER--The sisters: Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer. The Idiot Brother: Paul Rudd. The audience: Ready to laugh.  BLU 


30 MINUTES OR LESS—Academy Award nominee Jesse Eisenberg has 10 hours to get $100,000 and remove the bomb vest locked on to him by Danny McBride & Nick Swardson. Aziz Ansari arrives to help, and hilarity ensues. BLU  @


ANOTHER EARTH—A woman reeling from a devastating car accident takes solace in a recently discovered parallel Earth.  BLU



ONE DAY—Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess star in the film adaptation of the novel by David Nicholls. I adore this book despite the fact that it made me start sobbing loudly while I was on the bus. I’ve avoided the movie for fear of ruining that feeling. If you watch the film and think it’s good, please email and let me know.


BECOMING CHAZ—The documentary, “invites us along on Chaz's remarkable journey of transformation.”


30 ROCK: SEASON 5—Another season of greatness, including “Reaganing.”   SALE


ECLIPSE SERIES 30: SABU!—Criterion’s Eclipse series presents three of the elephant trainer-turned-actor’s films: Elephant Boy (1937), Drum (1938), and Jungle Book (1942).  @



Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii)

WWE 12 (PS3, Xbox)



Chaos; Head: The Complete Series   BLU



Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Special



Horror Express (1972)



Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations Collection 6, Part 1

Look: Season 1

Luther 2

Smallville: Season 10    @



Flying Guillotine (1975)—Hong Kong  @

Flying Guillotine 2 (1978)—Hong Kong  @

Kidnapped (2010)—Spain @

Survive! (1976)—Mexico

Vampires (2010)—Belgium @

The Wave (2008)—Germany  @

Zebraman 2: Attack on Zebra City (2011)—Japan, directed by Takashi Miike  BLU  @



Casanova (1976)—directed by Frederico Fellini

Coup de Ville (1990)

Prisoner of Zenda (1979)

Seminole (1953)

September 30, 1955 (1977)



Brady’s Go Bowling—It’s not so much a documentary as a celebration of the athletic achievement and sportsmanship between fictional siblings.


Charismatic (ESPN 30 for 30 series)—“In 1999, a colt and his jockey, Chris Antley, captured the hearts of racing fans everywhere, documented in Charismatic from ESPN® Films. Bonus features include all pertinent Triple Crown races, an interview with Al Michaels, and a feature on legendary horse trainer, D. Wayne Lukas.”


Mind of The Demon—The story of legendary freestyle motorcross rider Larry Linkogle.


Monster Bug Wars—“Monster Bug Wars takes you ringside to witness some of nature s deadliest encounters where losers aren t just KOd, they’re eaten alive. This is the no-holds-barred, real-life world of Spiders, Scorpions, Centipedes and Killer Ants who fight to the death.”


Nature: Radioactive Wolves-Chernobyl’s Nuclear Wilderness—Scientists examine how the “dead zone” created by the nuclear fallout around Chernobyl has recovered over the last 25 years through the lives of the area’s dominant predator.


9500 Liberty—“9500 Liberty documents the first and only time in U.S. history that an Arizona-style immigration law was actually implemented — and the surprising grassroots position that led to its repeal.”


Sons of Perdition—“This film tells the story of three teenaged boys banished from their southern Utah polygamous community by Warren Jeffs, the sect's self-proclaimed prophet. Part of a growing group of exiles, the boys are condemned to hell by their community and denied further contact with their families. The boys must now survive on their own in mainstream America, which for them, is a whole new country.”



Art of Getting By—“Fatalistic teenager George Zingavoy (Freddie Highmore) is a master at just barely getting by. In fact, he’s practically turned it into an art form—making it through the entire school year without doing a shred of work. But when George meets a beautiful and complicated girl named Sally (Emma Roberts), he discovers a kindred spirit who turns his slacker world upside down. Their quirky and unexpected romance may just inspire George to do the unthinkable—get off his butt and chase after his dreams.”


Chillerama—“In the spirit of classic anthology films like Creepshow and Twilight Zone: The Movie and containing films that not only celebrate the golden age of drive-in B horror shlock but also span over four decades of cinema, CHILLERAMA offers something for every bad taste.”


5 Days of War—“Inspired by the real events of the swift--but devastating--five-day war between Russia and Georgia in 2008, this action-packed international thriller centers around an American journalist (Rupert Friend) and his cameraman (Richard Coyle) caught in the combat zone during the first Russian airstrikes against Georgia. Rescuing Tatia (Emmanuelle Chriqui), a young Georgian schoolteacher from the attack, the two reporters agree to help reunite her with her family when she loses them in the chaos in exchange for serving as their interpreter. As the three attempt to escape to safety, they witness--and document--the devastation from the full-scale crossfire and cold-blooded murder of innocent civilians.” It was directed by Renny Harlin. BLU

We'll be back next week with Help and Hangovers and Cowboys and Aliens and Portlandia and more. In the meantime, please review the grammar rule for Less vs. Fewer here.

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