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Watchmen, Coraline & more New titles for July 21st

Sure it's sunny and beautiful outside, but you have to go inside sometime, right? Here are some of what's new to our shelves for the week of July 21st. CORALINE-Henry Selick takes Neil Gaiman's dark fairy tale book and turns it into a gorgeous stop-motion masterpiece. The DVD and Blu-ray come with both the 2-D and 3-D versions and four pairs of 3-D glasses for your viewing pleasure. We've got it on sale in store and right here on this site. WATCHMEN-Now available in home viewing format so you can follow along with the book (sorry, graphic novel) and conduct a roundtable discussion about the lack of squids with your friends/loved ones/pets. Stock up on provisions before watching, as the DVD (and Blu-ray) includes the 186 minute Director's Cut. PONYO ON THE CLIFF BY THE SEA (Code 3)-Hurrah! The import DVD of Hayao Miyazaki's latest film is here at last! Check out the trailer (warning: contains no English but a very catchy song): 2 OR 3 THINGS I KNOW ABOUT HER and MADE IN U.S.A.-Two of Jean-Luc Godard's best films, new to DVD from the folks at Criterion: The luscious meditations on culture of 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her, and (fresh off its run at Northwest Film Forum) the pop art noir Made In U.S.A. They are also on sale here. ROBOT CHICKEN STAR WARS EPISODE II-Why is it that I find Seth Green & company's parodies of Star Wars much more clever and funny than stuff like Family Guy Presents Blue Harvest? Maybe because with Robot Chicken, I'm not constantly staring at fake Homer Simpson with huge balls drawn on his chin? That's probably it. SITA SINGS THE BLUES-We refer you now to David Schmader's glowing review of Sita over on SLOG. THE MIGHTY BOOSH: SEASONS 1-3-This surreal British comedy series really defies proper explanation. Do magical zoos, Yetis, and the art of hair crimping sound good to you? Of course they do. We've also got them on sale here in the store for $24.95 a season, or get $6 off all three. Whoo! THE GREAT BUCK HOWARD-A once-famous mentalist (John Malkovich) finds his many appearances on The Tonight Show don't have the same pull with the public favor that they used to. He attempts a comeback with the help of a bright eyed assistant (Colin Hanks) and a sexy young publicist (Emily Blunt), who have to deal with his interesting eccentricities and their own fledging relationship. But never mind the bland description I just gave you, this movie is all Malkovich, and that's all good. MARTYRS (Unrated!)-Here are the flags gives for the sadistic horror film Martyrs: nudity, children in peril, not for children, adult language, adult situations, gore. From what I've heard, those are understatements. DEPARTURES (Japan, Code 3)-An out of work cellist accidentally ends up working at a funeral home preparing the deceased for the afterlife. It was last year's Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film, upsetting assumed favorites The Class and Waltz With Bashir. Look for it our Best of SIFF '09 rental section. 300: THE COMPLETE EXPERIENCE (BLU-RAY)-You know you want the complete experience of 300! It comes in a handsome book with 40 pages of photos & sketches, plus two hours of exclusive extra content and interactive features. PUSHING DAISIES: SEASON 2-The latest addition to the "TV shows cancelled before their time" canon. We've also got it on Blu-ray so you can enjoy the radiant Kristin Chenoweth in high definition. MORE NEW TV ON DVD Bionic Woman (1976): Season 1 (PAL) F Word: Season 4 (PAL Code 2) Final Break: Prison Break Jon & Kate Plus Eight: Season 4 Vol. 2 Monk: Season 7 Psych: Season 3 (Dule Hill alert!) Route 66: Season 3 Vol. 1 Stargate SG-1: Children of The Gods-Final Cut This American Life: Season 2 (we've actually had this for rent for a while, but now we also have it on sale for $17.95) MORE NEW FOREIGN FILMS & IMPORTS All These Women (PAL) (Ingmar Bergman) Cellat: The Executioner (aka Turkish Death Wish) (PAL) Deadgirl (2008) (PAL Code 2)(USA) Devil's Eye (PAL) (Ingmar Bergman) Dim Sum Funeral (Canada) Handphone (Code 3)(Korea) How To Be (PAL Code 2) (UK) K-20 (Code 3)(Japan) Little Ashes (PAL Code 2)(UK) More Than Blue (Code 3)(Korea) Ring Finger (France) The Scam (Code 3)(Korea) Shaolin Grandma (Japan) Shinjuku Incident (Code 3)(Hong Kong) Story of an Abducted Woman (China) True Horror: Complete Series (PAL Code 2) (UK) Unknown Woman (La Sconosciuta) (from the director of Cinema Paradiso) Young Victoria (PAL Code 2) (UK) MORE NEW ANIME Mobile Suit Gundam Double-O Part 1 Naruto Uncut Box Set 15 Eps. 192-205 Princess Resurrection: Collection 1 MORE NEW FAMILY FILMS How To Do Homework Without Throwing Up Samurai Pizza Cats (highly recommended by staffers who know what the youths enjoy) Secret Saturdays Vol. 1 Spongebob Squarepants: To Squarepants or Not To... Wolverine and the X-Men Vol. 2 NEW FROM THE WARNER ARCHIVES Get To Know Your Rabbit (1972, Brian DePalma) Green Mansions (1959) Hard Way (1943) Juke Girl (1942) Man I Love (1947, Raoul Walsh) Moon Is Blue (1947, Otto Preminger) Nora Prentiss (1947) Sweet November (1968) Who Is Killing The Great Chefs of Europe? (1978) MORE NEW DOCUMENTARIES & MUSIC & DANCE FILMS American Outrage (Native American doc.) Ballerina Batmania: From Comics To Screen Blood and Oil Buddhism In China Bundy: A Legacy of Evil Carmen & Geoffrey (dance with Carmen De Lavallade & Geoffrey Holder) Children of God (World Culture doc.) Buckminster Fuller: The World of Buckminster Fuller Japanther: Dump The Body in Rikki Lake (Punk!) Shanghai (Chinese travel doc.) Tibetan Buddhism in China Union Man: Life and Work of Julius Margolin Vox Lumiere: The Hunchback of Notre Dame MORE NEW BLU-RAY Another Day In Paradise Company of Wolves Midnight Express AND JUST MORE: Common Senses Cupid's Mistake Echelon Conspiracy Empress and the Warriors (from Ching Siu-Tung, director of A Chinese Ghost Story) Father's Choice Front of the Class Love Is Never Silent Magic of Ordinary Days Messengers 2: The Scarecrow New Twenty Nickel Children Northern Kingdom Pride FC: Fighting Championships Pride 1-5 Promise (1986) Russell Girl Sender (1997) She Likes Girls 4 Sherman's Way Skeleton Crew Sugar Town (Alison Anders movie new to DVD) Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir Visioneers Wet Wilderness/Come Deadly There's more in the New To Store section, and of course there's new Adult entertainment in our New To Room section upstairs. Check out the full list our pleasantly air conditioned store. coraline