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Post-Thanksgiving cinema happenings

Happy after-Thanksgivng, everyone! Our holiday rental sections are up--the usual selection of holiday & specifically kid-friendly fare--plus a section called COMFORT & JOY, which is nothing but movies that provide us with comfort and/or joy, be they seasonally appropriate films or not. The SALE on all Criterion & Eclipse titles continues, our new sales area is open for your holiday browsing pleasure.

If you're looking to rest in between long shopping runs at local indie businesses, here's some of what's on screens around town. Follow the links for showtimes & more information.

SIFF Cinema

Opening Friday, November 25

ELITE SQUAD: THE ENEMY WITHIN--The sequel to the Brazilian 2007 crime thriller ELITE SQUAD follows the police on their patrols of Rio de Janeiro's slums. SIFF calls it, "a kinetic, action-packed, drama that is equal parts City of God and The Wire."

LONDON BOULEVARD--"William Monahan, the Oscar®-winning screenwriter of The Departed, makes his directorial debut with London Boulevard, a sexy, stylish gangster thriller bristling with wit and brutal intrigue. It stars Colin Farrell, Keira Knightley, Ray Winsteone, and David Thewlis.

ANOTHER HAPPY DAY--A dark comdey about a highly dysfunctional family, starring Ellen Barkin, Thomas Hayden Church, Demi Moore, Ellen Burstyn and George Kennedy.

GRANITO: HOW TO NAIL A DICTATOR-WHEN THE MOUNTAIN TREMBLES-- Director Pamela Yates returns to Guatemala after 25 years in a continuing quest to uncover the truth about genocide carried out by the government on the Mayan people.

THE WEIRD WORLD OF BLOWFLY--An intimate and revealing portrait of Clarence Reid, the 72-year old legendary soul musician who dons a sparkly superhero costume to become "Blowfly," the raunchiest rapper around.

Wednesday, November 30

MISS REPRESENTATION--Director Jennifer Siebel Newsom's look at the media and the message it delivers women & girls. It features interviews with Nancy Pelosi, Rachel Maddow, Katie Couric, Gloria Steinem, & more. Afterwards, a panel of educators, media and community leaders will discuss the film. The film is presented by the Women’s Funding Alliance, ReelGrrls and GeekGirlCon.

Continuing runs

LE HAVRE--Aki Kaurismäki's, "wry and warmhearted political fairy tale that exists somewhere between the reality of contemporary France and classic noir cinema."


Northwest Film Forum

Friday, November 25--Thursday, December 1

EAMES: THE ARCHITECT AND THE PAINTER--A look at the lives and influential work husband & wife design team Charles and Ray Eames. Visit their shelf in our Experiemental Films section before you go.

THE BRIDE WORE BLACK--François Truffaut's 1968 Hitchcock-inspired thriller about a vengeful bride (Jeanne Moreau).

Monday, November 28

SCRIPTLESS IN SEATTLE: A CONVERSATION WITH LYNN SHELTON--A FREE event with writer/director/all-around awesome person Lynn Shelton. She'll show clips from three of her previous works--MY EFFORTLESS BRILLIANCE, HUMPDAY, and $5 COVER SEATTLE--and share insights in to her unique filmmaking process.

Thursday, December 1

LUMINOUS EARTH: THE FILMS OF ROBBIE LANE--Third Eye Cinema co-presents a collection of uncovential shorts by the experimental filmmaker.


Central Cinema

Friday, November 25--Monday, November 28

CASABLANCA--Do you think Central Cinema would mind if everyone stood up and sang along with the French national anthem?

Friday, November 25--Wednesday, November 30

BELLFLOWER--The apocalyptic road trip romance that was a hit at this year's SIFF. Does Central Cinema have a full bar? You'll probably want some whisky with this one.

Tuesday, November 29

TV DINNER--Episodes of 80s classics ALF and SMALL WONDER

Wedneday, November 30

RAD--A Boys Pajama Party with the 80s BMX awesomeness.

Thursday, December 1

CARTOON HAPPY HOUR--A family friendly happy hour with classic cartoons from 5:30-7pm

THE LOST WORLD: JURASSIC PARK 2--Your chance to tell the world what your really think of Site B. Your insightful texts will be displayed for all to see in HECKLEVISION.


Grand Illusion Cinema

Friday, November 25--Thursday, December 1

KILL ALL REDNECK PRICKS: A DOCUMENTARY ABOUT A BAND CALLED KARP--KAPR, "takes you from the high school corridors and soggy chicken coops of Tumwater, WA, to the dizzying heights of punk rock stardom, to a shockingly painful crash landing." This look at the band's rise and fall features Kimya Dawson, Kathleen Hanna, Calvin Johnson, & many other local music luminaires.

Wednesday, November 30

FLOODING WITH LOVE FOR THE KID--Actor and filmmaker Zachary Oberzan re-created and re-enacted FIRST BLOOD in his house. It's a, "transgressive experiment as a testament to the animal ingenuity and triumphant spirit of the lone artist equipped with no money, no resources, no nothing." You may remember our colleague Matt gushed about it in Episode 12 of THE SCARECROW VIDEO PODCAST.  Speaking of our podcast, stay tuned for the next episode, as it may have something to do with this film...

We are thankful for all of you for your continued support. And we're thankful THE MUPPETS is really good.

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