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The Scarecrow Video Podcast Episode 17: Demons 2, Jungle Fever & Black Jack gum

Welcome to the latest episode of the Scarecrow Video Podcast. Matt and I are joined by Amie Simon, who writes about horror films on her excellent blog I Love Splatter and contributes to the sparkly indie-pop press of Three Imaginary Girls, for an insightful discussion of the movies we've been watching.


CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST It is also available for download on iTunes.  Please note our podcast is NSFW.


After I talk about the great documentary THINGS THAT AREN'T HERE ANYMORE on some of Seattle's erstwhile landmarks, Amie & Matt get in to the gristle of Dario Argento, DEMONS 2, HOSTEL, and other horror movies.


Matt loves Gregory Peck as the passive protagonist in William Wyler's new to Blu-ray THE BIG COUNTRY. He also recently revisited Spike Lee's JUNGLE FEVER and thinks you should too.


Amie and I share our fondness for the music of PUMP UP THE VOLUME and wonder if such a dated (aka pre-Internet) movie would mean anything to the kids today.

Much thanks to Amie for joining our cinematic conversation. Until next time, talk hard, everyone.


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Thanks to the Sunset Tavern for allowing us to record our podcast while enjoying PBR & rosemary bean dip.

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