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Theatrical roundup for 11/11/11 and beyond

Here's some of what's going on theatrically for the week of Eleven-Eleven-Eleven. Follow the links for showtimes, ticket information, and more.


Capitol Theater--Olympia, Washington

OLYMPIA FILM FESTIVAL--The 28th Annual Olympia Film Festival runs Frida, November 11th to Sunday, November 20th with a bunch of great films and events well worth the trip down 1-5, including the Opening Night Gala with Busby Berkeley's THE GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933 and the legendary ALL FREAKIN' NIGHT. We have tickets on sale here at the store. 


SIFF Cinema

Friday, November 11-Sunday, November 13

SEATTLE POLISH FILM FESTIVAL--Finishes up this weekend; visit the SIFF site for the full list of films & showtimes.


Opening Friday, November 11

LE HAVRE--Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki's latest is, "a wry and warmhearted political fairy tale that exists somewhere between the reality of contemporary France and classic noir cinema." If you need to brush up on your Kaurismäki filmography, visit his shelf in our Director's section.

WE WERE HERE--The Spotlight film of this year's Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival focuses on five individuals in San Francisco and how their lives were forever altered by the rise of AIDS in the early 80s.

THE SWELL SEASON--The real-life story of ONCE stars Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, who won an Oscar for their song "Falling Slowly" from the film, made a record, embarked on a world wide tour, and fell in and out of love. If you haven't seen ONCE, yet, we recommend you do that now. I suggest you make it a double feature with THE COMMITMENTS, starring Glen as Outspan "Fender Bender" Foster.


Continuing runs

MUPPETS, MUSIC & MAGIC: JIM HENSON'S LEGACY--Muppet mania continues at the Uptown with THE GREAT MUPPET CAPER (my personal favorite of the Muppet canon) and documentaris like SESAME STREET AT 40: MILESTONES ON THE STREET. I saw the original MUPPET MOVIE last weekend and had a marvelous time. There's nothing like the simple happiness a Muppet movie brings.


Northwest Film Forum

Opening Friday, November 11

THE DRIFTING STATES OF DENIS COTE--Five of the inventive French-Candian director's films, whose "ouevre creates a sublimely minimal, genre-blending, hybridized offering that combines low-budget ingenuity with daring formal experimentation." The series includes the Seattle premire of his 2010 thriller CURLING (it's not about the sport). Cote will be in attendance for many of the screenings and holding a workshop Sunday on his style and techniques as a director.


Saturday, November 12

MAGIC SILVER--A family-friendly Norwegian Christmas fairy tale.

THE OREGONIAN--Calvin Lee Reeder's twisted, surreal road movie


Tuesday, November 15

INNI--Another chance to see the live Sigur Ros film.


Wednesday, November 16

FIRST LIGHT: THE BIRTH OF CINEMA 1895-1901--A look at the very first films ever made by pioneers like the Lumiere Brothers and Thomas Edison, complete with live narration. Co-presented by The Sprocket Society.


Central Cinema

Friday, November 11-Wednesday, November 16

KILL BILL VOLUMES 1 & 2--A double feature showing the complete Ballad of Beatrix Kiddo. My husband has found that if he watches these movies when home sick, he feels much better the next day. Think of it as cinematic Cold-Eeze.


Wednesday, November 16

SPEED--The legendary Keanu Reeves/Sandra Bullock vehicle (get it, vehicle..) is presented in Hecklevision--featuring your humorous texts live on screen.


Thursday, November 17

CARTOON HAPPY HOUR--Cartoons from 5:30-7:00pm

THE ROOM--Your monthly chance to experience the phenomenon.


Grand Illusion Cinema

Friday, November 11-Thursday, November 17

GENERAL ORDERS NO. 9--I've heard a lot of positive rumbling about this convention-busting documentary on the American South. From the GI description:  "The stunning culmination of over eleven years' work from first time writer-director Robert Persons, General Orders No. 9 marries experimental filmmaking with an accessible, naturalist sensibility to tell the epic story of the clash between nature and man's progress, and reaches a bittersweet reconciliation all its own."


Saturday, November 12

SEATTLE SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL--The first annual screening of locally made short films is sold out, but there may be rush tickets at the door.

160 SCENES FROM A CITY--Celebrate the 160th anniversary of the Denny party's arrival at Alki that led to the founding of our great city with scenes from director Shaun Scott's film SEAT OF EMPIRE: SEATTLE 1909-2009. We have the full film for rent at the store.


Late Night: Friday November 11 & Saturday November 12

THE WOMAN--"Is it a thought-provoking piece of femi- nist art or just exploitative mysoginist trash? We know, but we'll let you decide for your self! NOTE: The Woman is very graphic and disturbing. No refunds will be given!" You have been warned.


The Vera Project--Saturday, November 12

SHORT RUN--This celebration of small presses and the comics, zines, and books the create includes screenings from the Seattle Experimental Animation Team.

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