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Cinematic roundup for the weekend of November 4th & beyond

Welcome to our weekly roundup of some of what's on screens this week. Follow the links for specific showtimes & ticket info.



Friday, Novemver 4th-Sunday, November 6th

SEATTLE POLISH FILM FESTIVAL-The festival begins Friday night with the World War II drama JOANNA and the soccer drama FLYING PIGS. Visit SIFF's site for the full schedule. The Festival continues next weekend.

Opening Friday, November 4th

3 (DREI)--The latest from Run, Lola, Run director Tom Tykwer is a "witty and surprising examination of a love triangle."

Opening Saturday, November 5th


This three-week long series celebrating the best of Jim Henson's work begins Saturday morning with THE MUPPET MOVIE , aka one of the most perfect movies ever made. The series continues with documentaries & short film collections, including SESAME STREET AT 40: MILESTONES ON THE STREET and MUPPET MUSIC MOMENTS and more Muppet movies next week. Visit the SIFF site for the full rundown of shows and showtimes. I apologize in advance for singing loudly during "Movin' Right Along."

Continuing runs

THE RUM DIARY, starring Johnny Depp and adaptated of Hunter S. Thompson's book, continues through the week. The father/daughter drama JANIE JONES starring Abigail Breslin ends its run on Sunday.

Thursday, November 10th

SIDEWAYS--The last film in SIFF's Alexander Payne retrospective. We recommend laying off the Merlot beforehand.



Friday, November 4th-Thursday, November 10th

PUBLIC SPEAKING--Martin Scorsese's remarkable portrait of writer/activist/raconteur Fran Lebowitz.

November 4th-6th

FARMAGEDDON--Filmmaker Kristin Canty goes inside the government's war on small community and family farms.

Saturday, November 5th

THE OREGONIAN--Calvin Lee Reeder's shocking, surreal road movie.

Wednesday, November 9th

ORBIT--Third Eye Cinema presents a collection of short films celebrating the anniversary of the Apollo 4 launch, the first unmanned test flight of the shuttle that would later take men to the moon.

Thursday, November 10th

INNI--If you missed it at the Neptune last weekend, you can catch Sigur Ros' live film here.



Friday, November 4th-Monday, November 7th

THE PHILAELPHIA STORY--If you have somehow not seen this classic screwball comedy directed by George Cukor and starring the triple threat of Katherine Hepburn, James Stewart, and Cary Grant, now is the time to see it.

November 4-7 and Wednesday, November 9th

ATTACK THE BLOCK--A gang of friends take on the aliens invading their London housing estate. For many of our staff, it's one of the best  films of the year so far.

Tuesday, November 8th

MOVIE CAT TRIVIA--Test your movie trivia knowledge and win fabulous prizes!

Thursday, November 10th

Cartoon Happy Hour--5:30-7pm, all ages

SIXTEEN CANDLES--A ladies-only pajama party, followed by an all request dance-a-thon. I like this slow jam.



Friday, November 4th--Thursday, November 10th


World-renown film historian Dennis Nyback presents five nights of animation education from the early silents and Betty Boop to the animated tales of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Visit the Grand Illusion website for the full program schedule.

Late Night: Friday, November 4th & Saturday, November 5th

THE WOMAN--From the GI's official description: "Is it a thought-provoking piece of femi- nist art or just exploitative mysoginist trash? We know, but we'll let you decide for your self! NOTE: The Woman is very graphic and disturbing. No refunds will be given!" You have been warned.



BEING ELMO: A PUPPETEER'S JOURNEY--The moving and inspiring story of Kevin Clash, aka the man behind Elmo. When I saw it at SIFF, it turned the entire audience in to a happy, blubbering mess. 

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