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The Scarecrow Video Podcast Episode 16: War! Halloween! DuckTales!

Whoo! Our podcast is old enough to drive! In our latest episode, Join Kevin, Paige, Rhias, and your host Matt for another episode of fine film conversation.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST The content is NSFW.  You can also download it from  iTunes.

They being with the usual roundtable of what everyone's been watching lately. Paige and Matt have been going through THE FIRST WORLD WAR, a British documentary from Channel 4 based on the book by Professor Hew Strachan. Paige brings up a good point that in school World War I often doesn't get covered as thoroughly as WWII, so the documentary covers a lot she'd not previously known.

Rhias was also on a WWI kick with James Franco in FLYBOYS. We'll leave you to make your own "In to the garbage chute, flyboy!" joke.

Kevin and most everyone else on staff thoroughly enjoyed ATTACK THE BLOCK, featuring some of the best looking monsters in recent film history.

Matt's on an extremely rare dry patch viewing-wise, but did re-watch Oliver Stone's BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY

They move on to the seasonally appropriate discussion of their picks in our special HALLOWEEN rental section. It's extraordinary how many mutant killer animal/bugs movies ended up there...


Here's a link to the New York Times article Kevin referenced. Doesn't the TALES FROM THE QUAD DEAD ZONE cover look great?  I scanned it myself :)

The episode wraps up with ACTUAL READER MAIL! Thanks so much to those who wrote in. We encourage all our listeners to send thoughts/ideas/questions to

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