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New to View: The Business of Horror

We'd like to extend our utmost gratitude to Allen, Ben, Mark, Edward, and Brandi from The MacGuffin Podcast for selecting films for our Seattle's Picks rental section for Independent Video Store Day. It's still up and renting, so stop in and see what movies they think you'd enjoy.

In the latest episode of their podcast, Spencer and Greg discuss the business of horror films, that is, what horror movies have been the most finacially successful. They head to Box Office Mojo's tallies that are divided by genre (slasher, period films, supernatual, etc.), and talk about films in each. There's also consideration for whether some of these qualify as horror. Do you consider SHUTTER ISLAND "horror"? Does TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE belong in "torture" or "slasher"? Is GHOSTBUSTERS one word or two? Note: You can get both GRINDHOUSE films (PLANET  TERROR & DEATH PROOF) together on Blu-ray. We have it for rent & sale here.

Both DVD Picks of the Week are for sale and rent here at Scarecrow. They'd probably make an interesting double feature.

WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY also comes with scented pencils and an eraser that looks and smells like a Wonka Bar.




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