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Film Fests, Conventions, and Theatrical Happenings for the October 7th weekend & beyond

We'll begin our cinema roundup with the Tasveer's SEATTLE SOUTH ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL,three days of films, workshops and forums exploring the issues of the region and its people. Friday's Opening Night at SIFF Cinema features a meet and greet with acclaimed Indian actress Deepti Naval and a screening of her directorial debut TWO PAISE FOR SUNSHINE, FOUR ANNAS FOR RAIN. The festival continues through the weekend with films like LOVE CRIMES OF KABUL from Afghanistan and India's THE WAY HOME.  Visit Tasveer's site for the full schedule of films & forums.


This weekend Seattle Art Museum will host LOVECRAFT'S VISIONS, a celebration of the work and inspiration of writer H.P. Lovecraft. There will be panels, art, and over a dozen films based on Lovecraft's work, including Roger Corman's THE HAUNTED PALACE, the director's cut of Dan O'Bannon's THE RESURRECTED, and Peter Weir's THE LAST WAVE. The Lovecraft fest begins Friday and runs all weekend. We still have tickets available here at Scarecrow: They are $10 for Friday, $20 for either Saturday or Sunday, and $45 for a full weekend pass.


The anime awesomness of AKI CON kicks off Friday at the Hilton Hotel across the lake in lovely Bellevue with three days of panels, vendors, anime viewing, and special guests like voice actors Kyle Hebert and Quinton Flynn and the synth pop band The Slants. On this side of 520, GEEKGIRLCON takes over Seattle Center on Saturday and Sunday with gaming rooms, vendors, excellent panels like "The Adventures of Women in Science," "Boobies and Blasters: The Women of Star Wars," and "Sexism in the Video Game Industry."  It ends Sunday with an awesome LABYRINTH Sing-A-Long. While you're at Seattle Center, visit EMP and the great new CAN'T LOOK AWAY: THE LURE OF HORROR FILM exhibit. You'll get to see some truly impressive horror costumes & props (like Mr. Pointy from BUFFY!) in person and hear curators Roger Corman, Eli Roth, and John Landis talk about some of their favorite films of the genre. If it made me want to watch SUSPIRIA, you know it's good.


In general movie news, SIFF Cinema at the Film Center contiunes their run of Raul Ruiz's historical epic MYSTERIES OF LISBON. On Monday the 10th, BenDeLaCreme presents another "horror non-classic" at The Triple Door. This week's it's 1986's heavy metal horror DREAMANIC complete with insightful film analysis and Scary Movie BIngo with a chance to win prizes from us & Babeland.


Northwest Film Forum has  REMAKING THE METROPOLIS,"three films that focus on the rise and decline of the great American city." Those films are Michael Galinsky and Suki Hawley's  BATTLE FOR BROOKLYN, Florent Tillon's DETROIT WILD CITY,  and Chad Freidrichs' THE PRUITT-IGOE MYTH, the story of a St. Louis public housing project. This week NWFF will welcome Jane Goodall to their theater on Wednesday, October 12th for a screening of JANE'S JOURNEY, an inspiring portrait of the scientist and wildlife conservationist. The film itself will be playing from Friday to Thursday, along with the Romanian New Wave drama AURORA.


Central Cinema has two classics starting this weekend: Hepburn & Bogart in THE AFRICAN QUEEN and Nicholson & Duvall & some scary twins in THE SHINING. Sunday night's TV Dinner features what's sure to be a gripping season finale of BREAKING BAD.  HECKLEVISION, aka your hilarious texts appearing on screen, returns Monday night with CHILDREN OF THE CORN, TV Dinner makes an encore appearance on Thursday, this time with Stephen King's IT.


Our fellow film enthuiasts at Grand Illusion Cinema continue the horror of BRIDE OF ALL MONSTERS ATTACK with a Leapin' Lycanthropes! double feature: 1941's THE WOLF MAN starring Lon Chaney and 1943's FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN, with Chaney reprising his role as the wolf man and staring Bela Lugosi as Frankenstein's monster. Do you think their meeting will be amicable? Hmm....Also making encore appearances this week at the GI are Alex de la Iglesia's THE LAST CIRCUS and the shiny evil ball terror of PHANTASM II in the Late Night spot.

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