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The Scarecrow Video Podcast: Episode 14

The Scarecrow Video Podcast has officially entered its awkward teen phase! In our 14th episode, Kevin, Marc J. Palm, Paige, and Matt gather down the street at Dante's for some random film coversation.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST   It is also available on iTunes. Please note the podcast is NSFW.

Paige has been going cuckoo for the Emmy-winning DOWNTON ABBEY (not DownTOWN Abbey) starring Emmy winner Maggie Smith. Matt agrees and compares it favorably to THE WEST WING.

Marc enjoyed flesh-eating madness of  THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN, now available on DVD from the MGM Limited collection. It features early make-up work from Rick Baker and was directed by William Sachs.

Kevin recently rediscovered the timeless perfection and surprising humor of THE RIGHT STUFF.

Matt's Italian crime movie marathon takes a turn for the awesome with the morally questionable LIVE LIKE A COP, DIE LIKE A MAN, writted by Fernando Di Leo. Matt says it's the prototype for such buddy cop films as LETHAL WEAPON and BAD BOYS.  Note: This trailer may contain spoilers and is NSFW.

Now that Kevin has finally discovered the brilliance of PARKS AND RECREATION, he and Matt read this article from New York Magazine's Vulture Blog and have now been going back through CHEERS. The panel then discusses about shows that center around hanging out with characters in a specific place and time, be it a bar, Baltimore, or Eternia.


Note: They recorded this before the big ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT news :)

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