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CAN'T LOOK AWAY & theatrical happenings for the first week of October

We'll begin our roundup of  this weekend's cinematic festivites at Northwest Film Forum and the Local Sightings Film Festival, which we told you all about HERE. It starts Friday night and runs through Thursday, October 6th. Visit their website for the full schedule & ticket details.


SIFF Cinema's new Film Center has Raul Ruiz's epic  MYSTERIES OF LISBON., "a veritable whirlwind of adventures and escapades, coincidences and revelations, multiple identities within multiple identities, stories within stories, violent passion, vengeance and love affairs," told through seven narrators in set in 19th century Europe and beyond. The film will be presented in two parts with a half hour intermission in between.  On Sunday and Monday, their  Mcaw Hall theater hosts another National Theater Live presentation ONE MAN, TWO GUVNORS, a slapstick comedy set in swinging 60s Brighton. LUNAFEST, a collection of short films made by and about women, plays at McCaw Hall on Thursday, October 6th. The fest includes a reception and Q & A with filmmaker Shideh Faramand. All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Breast Cancer Fund and Reel Grrls.


Cinerama kicks off their always highly anticipated/appreciated 70mm Film Festival Friday night with a screening of John Ford's HOW THE WEST WAS WON. You can see it again over the weekend along with the must-see THIS IS CINERAMA. VIsit the Cinerama's full schedule for all the films playing during the three week fest, including LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, 2001, and SOUND OF MUSIC.


Central Cinema has two justifiable classics this week: Howard Hawks' GENTLEMAN PREFER BLONDES starring Jane Russell and Marylin Monroe, and Arthur Penn's BONNIE AND CLYDE starring Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, and one of the greatest scenes in movie history. On Wednesday night there's a Boys Pajama Party with Jackie Chan's RUMBLE IN THE BRONX (or more accurately, Vancouver, BC), and another CARTOON HAPPY HOUR on Thursday starting at 5:30pm.


THE BRIDE OF ALL MONSTERS ATTACK! invades Grand Illusion Cinema this weekend, starting with ALIEN (the Director's Cut!) and ALIENS, which is right up there with EMPIRE and T2 on the list of Best Sequels of All Time. Saturday night's screenings will be hosted by Geek Girl Con (next weekend at Seattle Center!). Speaking of great sequels (insert mildly sarcastic eye roll here), the glowing orb evil of PHANTASM II plays in the GI's Late Night spot. Saturday and Sunday afternoon, there's a special limited engagement of Alex de la Iglesia's new film THE LAST CIRCUS , the surreal story of a circus clown recruited to fight during the Spanish Civil War.


The gory humorous fun of TALES FROM THE MUSICQUARIUM begins Monday night at 8pm The Triple Door. Host BenDeLaCreme will be screening the "horror non-classic" BLOODY BIRTHDAY (1981) with gripping analysis and drunken rambling. You can also play Scary Movie Bingo for a chance to win fabulous prizes from fabulous places like Scarecrow. BenDeLaCreme will be screening a different movie every Monday in October so get that in your Outlook Calendar now.


Just in time for the spooky movie season, the EMP/SFM debuts their latest exhibit CAN'T LOOK AWAY: THE LURE OF HORROR FILM on Sunday with a bunch of Opening Day festivities, inlcluding fake blood making workshop and a performance by the Seattle Theremin Orchestra at 2pm. Legendary horror directors Roger Corman, Eli Roth, and John Landis have each curated a selection of their favorite horror films, and you'll see artifacts such as the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD script and the axe from THE SHINING. 


Get a jump start of the fright with Saturday night's FASHIONABLY UNDEAD  BASH, a horrific dance party featuring music from Head Like A Kite, DJ Severed Hans, and Talking Deads, a ZOMBIE TALKING HEADS COVER BAND (sorry, that totally required all caps). Come appropriated dressed in undead fashion, get made up by the folks at VAIN, and dance the night of the living dead away...




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