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New Releases for September 27th

Another week, another slew of new titles to our shelves. We’re still taking feedback on the New Release list and our new website in general, so please let us know your thoughts HERE. There may be a prize in it for you… And now, the list:

* = also available on Blu-ray

@ = available for sale in the store

SALE = also available from our online store


HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA: SEASON 1— Bryan Greenberg and Victor Rasuk play two friends scheming to make it big under the bright lights of New York City in this HBO series.It also has at the added bonus of Luis Guzman.


HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: SEASON 6—Marshall and Lily try to have a baby, Barney finds his father, and Ted continues his quest…


BEN-HUR *—A new 50th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition of William Wyler’s epic. The five disc DVD or Blu-ray set includes a new feature-length documentary with Charlton Heston, the 1925 silent version, vintage specials, highlights from the 1960 Academy Awards, and more. You can also get just the movie on DVD.   @    SALE


THE HOUR—Go behind the scenes of a newsroom in 1950s London in this six part BBC series starring Dominic West, Romola Garai, and Andrew Scott. Former Crow staffer/current film critic Sean Axmaker talks about it over on MSN’s Videodrone.



BEIJING TAXI—If you missed it earlier this summer at Northwest Film Forum, Miao Wang’s documentary following three taxi drivers on the eve of the 2008 Olympics is now on DVD.


L’AMOUR FOU— Pierre Thoretton's documentary on the life, love, and work of “the man behind the monogram,” Yves Saint Laurent.  @


CARLOS *—Edgar Ramirez is Ilich Ramírez Sanchez, aka Carlos the Jackal, in Olivier Assayas’ epic story of the infamous global terrorist. It’s new on DVD and Blu-ray from the Criterion Collection.  @   SALE


THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE *—The Criterion Collection presents Victor Sjostrom’s moving, visually innovative ghost story. This silent film from 1921 is the oldest Criterion has released so far. It includes two scores, an interview with Ingmar Bergman from 1982, and more.  @   SALE


NIRVANA: LIVE AT THE PARAMOUNT—Recorded on Halloween, 1991 at our very own Paramount...  @


TRANSFORMERS: DARK SIDE OF THE MOON *—Of all the things I’ve heard discussed about this film, the common thread seems to be, “How does her white shirt stay so clean?” The DVD & Blu-ray will be available on Friday, September 30th.   @


Supremacy MMA (PS3)

X-Men: Destiny (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)



Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

Melancholy of Haruhi-Chan Suzumiya & Nyoron: Part 1

Melancholy of Haruhi-Chan Suzumiya & Nyoron:: Part 2

Trigun: Badlands Rumble



Adventure Time with Finn & Jake: My Two Favorite People

My Little Pony: Celebration at Canterlot

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: Season 1, Volume 3



Mimic: Director’s Cut    @

Basket Case   @

The Blood Trilogy: Color Me Blood/Blood Feast/Two Thousand Maniacs   @


NEW TV ON DVDincludes foreign TV shows

The Cleveland Show: Season 2 Uncensored!

Commissario Brunetti: Episodes 5-6 —Germany

Commissario Brunetti: Episodes 7-8—Germany

CSI: Season 11

Detective Inspector Huss: Series 1 Episodes 1-3—Sweden

Detective Inspector Huss: Series 1 Episodes 4-6—Sweden

Gavin & Stacey: Season 2—UK

Gavin & Stacey: Season 3—UK

Hung: Season 2

Inspector Coliandro: Season 1 Episodes 1-4—Italy

Inspector Coliandro: Season 1 Episodes 5-8—Italy

Law & Order: SVU: Season 12

New Tricks: Season 5

Shin Chan: Season 3, Part 2



Angel of Evil: Vallanzasca (2011)—Italy

Arrietty (2010)—Japan

At the Beginning of Glorious Days (1986)—Russia

The Butcher, The Chef, and The Swordsman (2011)—China

Dum Maaro Dum (2011)—India 

The End (2009)(PAL Code 2)—UK

Father (1966)(PAL)—Hungary, directed by Istvan Szabo

Flame In The Streets (1961)—UK

The Hide (2008)—UK

Highly Strung (2009)(PAL Code 2)—France

Kung Fu Wing Chun (2010)—China

Mondo Candido (1975)(PAL Code 2)—Italy

Pina (2011)(PAL Code 2)—Germany, directed by Wim Wenders

Snack Bar Budapest (1988)—Italy, directed by Tinto Brass  @

Space Battleship Yamato (2011)—Japan

The Strange Case of Angelica (2010)—Portugal   @

Stool Pigeon (2010)—Korea 

Torso (1973)—Italy (uncensored, with English dub)  @

We Are Going To America (1992)—Russia

Youth of Peter The Great (1981)—Russia 



Alex in Wonderland (1970)—The Hollywood satire starring Donald Sutherland & Ellen Burstyn has been remastered and features commentary with director/co-writer Paul Mazursky.

Beserk! (1967)

Black Eye (1973)

Black Zoo (1963)

The Couch (1961)

Death Takes a Holiday (1934)

Guilty of Innocence: The Lenell Geter Story (1987)

Housekeeping (1987)

Hysteria (1964)

In The French Style (1962)

Journey to the Center of the Earth (1993)

Mad Dog Coll (1961)

Miracle on The Mountain: The Kincaid Family Story (2000)

Moon Zero Two (1969)

Neighbors (1981)

Quick Gun (1964)

Snow Devils (1966)

Super Cops (1974)

Yor: The Hunter From The Future (1983)



American Family: Anniversary Edition—“In 1973, television viewers watched dramatic life events unfold in the home of an American family in Santa Barbara, California. An American Family: Anniversary Edition is a 2-hour feature-length special capturing the most memorable and compelling moments of the original 12-hour public television series that made TV history.”

American Mystic—“Set against the rich, color-soaked backdrop of America's rural landscapes, Alex Mar's lyrical first work is a bold and artful documentary that braids together the stories of three young Americans who have chosen to sacrifice comforts in order to embrace the fringes of alternative religion.”

Blood Equity—“The Dark Side of America’s Biggest Blood Sport. Roman Phifer three time Super Bowl Champion and Assistant Coach for the Denver Broncos and his business partners Rico McClinton and Joe Ruggiero produced this hard hitting film that focuses on the issues facing former NFL Players following their retirement, including their ironic struggle against the NFL Player's Union and the Owners they made rich.”

La Boheme (2008, MET)—“Puccini's immortal classic of love and loss, with Franco Zeffirelli's sumptuous, iconic production and Nicola Luisotti's expressive conducting. Angela Gheorghiu, the leading Puccini soprano of our time, reprises the role of Mimì, while tenor Ramón Vargas gives a sensitive reading of Rodolfo. All these forces combine for a truly definitive performance of this beloved opera!”

Eye of the Future: Climate Solutions for the Planet—“Eye Of The Future shows audiences numerous ways in which we can individually and collectively be environmental stewards of the planet and reduce our carbon footprint. This documentary-drama features five children of UN Ambassadors, whom are all nine years old. As the “eyes of the future”, they are called upon by Earth to share their stories and further expand their visions into inspiring, game-changing global scenarios for reducing our global carbon footprint.”

The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn—“In 1909, the French financier Albert Kahn decided to send photographers around the globe to document life on the planet. These photographers witnessed some of the most momentous events of the age, but they also photographed the intimate details of the everyday lives of ordinary people. A century on, viewers can see Kahn's remarkable archive of vivid and hauntingly-beautiful pictures.”

Caroline Leaf: Out on a Limb—“Caroline Leaf’s films are renowned for their emotional content and graphic style, which evolves from the innovative hand-crafted animation techniques she invented: beach sand and painting on glass and scratching in the emulsion of film stock. The medium is always at the service of a dark and brooding storytelling touched by flashes of humour. This box set celebrating the talents of a master animator comprises all her classics: The Owl Who Married a Goose, The Street, The Metamorphosis of Mr. Samsa and Two Sisters, as well as Interview, made with Veronika Soul.”

Herschell Gordon Lewis: Godfather of Gore—“Featuring interviews with cast, crew, and critics such as director John Waters, drive-in movie critic Joe Bob Briggs, and Herschell Gordon Lewis himself, THE GODFATHER OF GORE traces Lewis’ start in the innocent bare-naked world of “Nudie Cuties” before he shocked the world with Blood Feast, the first-ever gore film! Lewis then continued to assault audiences with such audacious shockers as She-Devils on Wheels, Blast-Off Girls, Just for the Hell of It, Two Thousand Maniacs!, The Gruesome Twosome, The Gore Gore Girls, and the incredible Wizard of Gore!”  @

Prisoner of Her Past—“Prisoner of Her Past tells the haunting story of a secret childhood trauma resurfacing, sixty years later, to unravel the life of Holocaust survivor Sonia Reich. The film follows her son, Chicago Tribune jazz critic Howard Reich, as he journeys across the United States and Eastern Europe to uncover why his mother believes the world is conspiring to kill her. Along the way, he finds a family he never knew he had. This film is the first to illuminate a little-known illness: late-onset Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

Ready, Set, Bag!—“We all shop at the grocery store and the checker or bagger is often then only personal contact we have. It is here at the end of the checkout aisle that Ready, Set, Bag! chronicles the triumphs and challenges eight state champions experience on their road to the title of Best Bagger in America and their journey to be the best they can be.”

Senna“Senna is the true story of Brazilian motor-racing legend, Ayrton Senna, whom many believe was the greatest driver who ever lived.”



American Loser—“ A hilarious comedy about a young man from the Upper East Side of Manhattan and the gold-digging girl who inspires him to try to get it together.” It stars Seann William Scott and Gretchen Mol.

The Basement—“On a deserted crossroad, Tarek is waiting for the illegal immigrant trafficker Faruk to hand him over his long lost girlfriend. The exchange goes bad and Faruk threatens Tarek with deadly consequences. There is nothing left for Tarek to do but hide his girlfriend in the trunk of his car and escape the city before Faruk sends his minions to haunt him down. While Tarek nervously navigates the busy streets through the city, an off-duty Police officer, Gabriel, starts to follow. Tarek speeds up, attempting to escape the relentless Gabriel. He abandons his car by an old vacant factory and escapes on foot inside. But Gabriel is hard on his heels, while Tarek’s girlfriend remains locked in the trunk of his car.”

Dead Cert—“Freddie Frankham (Craig Fairbrass, The Bank Job) is working his way into the East End London big league with the opening of his nightclub, but soon realizes he’s made a grave mistake by building it on the sacred land of Dante Livienko (Billy Murray, Rise Of The Footsoldier): otherwise known as the legendary vampire The Wolf. Dante wants the club, but Freddie isn’t going to give up his turf without a fight, little realizing that he’s taking on a 500-year-old legend of mortal combat in a battle to the death . . .”

Dybbuk (1960)—“ The 1960 television broadcast of The Dybbuk pairs actress Carol Lawrence with famed director Sidney Lumet in this classic adaptation of the Jewish folk tale. When a young maid is possessed by the soul of her deceased lover, a rabbi must exorcise the dybbuk and the young bride must choose between marriage to man she does not love or an unworldly union with her dead lovers's spirit.”

Go West/Battling Butler: Ultimate Edition *—A Buster Keaton double feature with hours of special features!  @

Good Neighbors (2010)—“Neighbors Spencer (Scott Speedman) and Louise (Emily Hampshire) have bonded over their fascination with a recent string of murders terrorizing their community. When a new tenant named Victor (Jay Baruchel) moves into the building, all three quickly hit it off. However, they soon discover each has his or her own dark secret. As the violence outside mounts, the city retreats indoors for safety. But the more time these three neighbors spend together in their apartment building, the clearer it becomes that what they once thought of as a safe haven is as dangerous as any outside terrors they could imagine.”

I Will Follow—“Maye is a success. Hot career. Hot boyfriend. But when her world is turned upside down by tragedy, she must struggle to keep her balance. I Will Follow chronicles a day in the life of a woman at a crossroads, and the twelve people who help her move forward into a brave, new world. The outstanding cast features Salli Richardson-Whitfield (I Am Legend, Antwone Fisher), Omari Hardwick (For Colored Girls), Dijon Talton (Glee), Tracie Thoms (Rent), Michole White (She Hate Me), Blair Underwood (The Event) and Beverly Todd (Crash).”

The Ledge—“Gavin (Charlie Hunnam, Cold Mountain) is on the ledge.  Hollis (Terrence Howard, Crash), who just learned that he is not the biological father of his children, is tasked with talking Gavin down.  Their conversation eventually reveals Gavin s deep-rooted conflict with his fundamentalist Christian neighbor Joe (Patrick Wilson, Watchmen), whose theological opposition to Gavin was intensified by Gavin s gay roommate and later by Joe’s wife's infidelity. The negotiations take a drastic turn when Hollis learns that Gavin has a deadline, and his life is not the only one hanging in the balance.”

Lost Future—“In a world of jungles, deserts and primeval wastelands, an isolated tribe of warriors fights for survival.But when a race of genetically mutated, infectious beasts attacks their small village, Amal (Sean Bean), a fighter hidden in the forest, must lead the tribe in battle in order to save the human race.”

Mardi Gras Massacre (1978)—“In this terror filled feature, a killer is on the loose in New Orleans. He picks up prostitutes and sacrifices them to the Wind Gods, cutting out their hearts as a part of his ritual. Two rogue cops are on hot on his trail on the seedy side of Bourbon Street. Shocking and brutal, this film was banned in the U.K. because of the incredibly violent content.”

A Place Called Glory/The Road to Fort Alamo—A spaghetti western double feature! The Road to Fort Alamo was directed by Mario Bava.

Some Dogs Bite—“It’s a Crime to Steal a Baby! But What if it’s Your Brother? H (18), Casey (14) and baby Severino have been split up after their mother’s death. Casey is in foster care; Severino is about to be adopted, and no one really cares what H (Taylor) does. But Casey (Sangster) is determined to keep his family together, and runs away, kidnapping his baby brother and stealing H’s stash of money in order to get him to follow his plan. He heads to the north of Scotland looking for their estranged dad, who moved from London to Inverness in Scotland years earlier. This is the beginning of a life-changing journey for the three brothers.”

Slaughtered—“From Director Anthony Doublin (make-up effects supervisor on Re-Animator), comes the sick and twisted story of Harold Parkinson, owner of the snuff site Slaughtered Sheep . Sadistic Harold hires young models off of the internet so that he can torture and murder them while shooting graphic pictures of their violent deaths for his web site. Haunted by the ghosts of his victims, Harold plunges deep into madness, proving to be unstoppable in his quest to provide grotesque entertainment for his customers.”

Treasures 5: The West, 1898-1938Treasures 5 presents the American West as it was recorded and imagined in the first decades of motion pictures. Among the 40 selections are Mantrap (1926), the wilderness comedy starring Clara Bow in her favorite role; W.S. Van Dyke’s legendary The Lady of the Dugout (1918), featuring outlaw-turned-actor Al Jennings; Salomy Jane (1914), with America’s first Latina screen celebrity Beatriz Michelena; Gregory La Cava’s sparkling Old West–reversal Womanhandled (1925); Sessue Hayakawa in the cross-cultural drama Last of the Line (1914); one-reelers with Tom Mix and Broncho Billy, Mabel Normand in The Tourists (1912), and dozens of other rarities.

Vampires, Mummies & Monsters—Four films from the Roger Corman Cult Classics Collection: The Velvet Vampire, Lady Frankenstein, Grotesque, and Time Walker.   @

The World of Sholom Aleichem—“Adapted by Arnold Perl from his 1953 Off-Broadway play, The World of Sholom Aleichem was first broadcast on December 14, 1959 on the dramatic anthology series The Play of the Week. This compilation of three different plays was based on the stories of Sholom Aleichem; the famed writer known as the Yiddish Mark Twain.”

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