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New Releases for September 20th

It’s yet another big week for TV & video games & foreign films, but before we get to it we'd like your feedback. Please let us know your thoughts on our New Release list by emailing us HERE or at  And now, here's most everything we got in this week:

* = Also available on Blu-ray

@ = Available for sale in the store

SALE = Available from our online mercantile


BRIDESMAIDS *—A lot of people thought this was a hilariously raunchy comedy with heart. I thought it was a heartfelt movie with the occasional humorous outburst. Either way, it’s great. Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, and the rest of the cast are brilliant. The DVD & Blu-ray include the unrated version. @    SALE


MODERN FAMILY: SEASON 2 *—Just won its second straight Emmy for Best Comedy Series. My dark horse favorite Parks and Recreation couldn’t have lost to a more worthy opponent (unless Louie had been nominated). I dare you not to at least crack a smile.  @


GOING POSTAL *—Richard Coyle stars as a criminal caught and charged with saving the Post Office in this fantasy based on Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novel. 


MIKE & MOLLY: SEASON 1—Melissa McCarthy winning the Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy Series was the highlight of Sunday’s show.


THE KENNEDYS—The History Channel’s miniseries starring Greg Kinnear as JFK, Katie Holmes as Jackie, and recent Emmy winner Barry Pepper, who’s almost unrecognizable as RFK.  @


CERTIFIED COPY—Abbas Kiarostami’s romantic comedy stars Juliette Binoche and William Shimell as a couple who has chance meeting in Tuscany…


SET UP *—Bruce Willis. Ryan Phillippe. 50 Cent. What more do you need? This RED BAND trailer is NSFW.


1991: THE YEAR PUNK BROKE—Finally on DVD! Revisit the eve of  the “alternative” scene through the eyes and ears of Sonic Youth. This trailer features Thurston Moore swearing and therefore is awesome but  NSFW@


DUMBO *—“I saw a peanut stand, heard a rubber band, I saw a needle that winked its eye. But I think I will have seen everything, When I see an elephant fly.”  This 70th Anniversary Edition is also new on Blu-ray.  @


LE BEAU SERGE (1958) *Cahiers du cinéma’s Claude Chabrol’s debut film is now on DVD & Blu-ray in the US from The Criterion Collection.  SALE

LES COUSINS (1959) *—Claude Chabrol’s sharp character study, also new from The Criterion Collection.




Dead Island (PS3)

FI: Formula 1 (PS3, Xbox 360)

Gears of War 3 (Xbox 360)

God of War: Origins Collection (PS3)

NHL 12 (Xbox 360)

Supremacy MMA (Xbox 360)



Arrietty (Code 3)—New Studio Ghibil! Directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, written by Hayao Miyazaki. The DVD has English subs. Whoo!

Kobato: Volume 1, Episodes 1-12

Samurai Girls: Complete Collection




Dem Bones…and more sing-a-long songs

Spooky Buddies

Spoon…and more stories about friendship

Teeny-Tiny Witch Woman… and more spooky stories

That New Animal…and more stories about the new baby



Breakfast at Tiffany’s: 50th Anniversary Edition  @    SALE

The Others (2001)

Star Wars: The Complete Saga Bonus Disc 1 & Disc 2—This means you can check out the extras without committing to the entire Blu-ray saga.



Body of Proof: Season 1

Castle: Season 3

Commisario Brunetti: Episodes 1&2, Episodes 3&4

Dalziel & Pascoe: Season 4

Happy Endings: Season 1

Hawaii Five-O (2010): Season 1

Judge John Deed: Season 4

Law & Order: Los Angeles—Complete Series

Mad (2010): Season 1, Part 1

The Mentalist: Season 3

Mike Hammer (1956): Seasons 1 & 2

Pie In The Sky: Series 5

Raising Hope: Season 1

Storage Wars: Season 1

Swords: Life on the Line—Season 1



Bal (2010)—Turkey

Bride Flight (2008)—Netherlands

Extraordinary Adventures of D’Adele Blanc-Sec (2010)—France, the new film from Luc Besson

Funkytown (2011)—Canada

The Debt (2007)(PAL Code 2)—The Israeli film upon which the current Helen Mirren vehicle is based.

Get Educated: Paathshaala (2010)—India

Hi, Fidelity (2011)—Hong Kong

I Am From Titov Veles (2007)—Macedonia

Insignificant Things (2008)—Mexico

Lost Heritage (2010)—Cameroon

Marry Me, Mary! (2010)—Korean TV

Misfits: Series 2 (2011)(PAL Code 2)—UK

Page Eight (2011)(PAL Code 2)—UK

Piano in a Factory (2010)—China

Sphinx (2010)—France

Steak (2008)—Canada

Sut (2008)—Turkey

Sword With No Name (2009) *—Korea

Tajomaru: Avenging Blade (2009) *—Japan

Tear This Heart Out (2008)—Mexico

Three of a Kind: Series 2 (1982) (PAL Code 2)—UK

Three of a Kind: Series 3 (1983) (PAL Code 2)—UK

Ugly Me (2006)—Chile

Virtual Recall (2010)—Hong Kong

Yumurta (2007)—Turkey



After the War: Life Post Yugoslavia—“…brings together 9 short documentaries from 5 award-winning, international film-makers.”


Assisi: Home of Saint Francis—“In this unique film, viewers are given a guided tour of the town of Assisi by Saint Francis himself. St. Francis’s "narration" is rendered by Christopher Jones… The tour visits all the sites in Assisi that played a significant role in the life of Saint Francis. Assisi’s spiritual and mystical dimension, and its artistic and cultural heritage are explored, including its winding medieval streets, its squares, and its festivals. The video is a rich source of information for anyone planning to visit Assisi.”


Beyond Limits—“At 19,340 feet, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa is the tallest free-standing mountain in the world and a daunting climb for any person to attempt. Born with cerebral palsy, Bonner Paddock, not a mountain climber by his own admission and with only a few months of training under his belt, disregards his Doctor's advice in the hopes of defying his condition and raising money for charity at the same time…Over 8 days, 64 miles, sheer cliffs, sub-zero temperatures, and ever-thinning oxygen, Bonner and his team are truly tested beyond their own physical and mental limits in this stirring documentary. Academy Award Nominee Michael Clarke Duncan narrates.”


Bobby Fischer Against the World—Director Liz Garbus presents a new look chess prodigy turned recluse turned fugitive.


Circo—Follow the Ponce family circus across Mexico in this fascinating documentary.


Eat The Sun—“Mason is a modern day “sungazer” and subject of Peter Sorcher’s debut documentary film, Eat the Sun, a fascinating and thought-provoking journey into the little known world of sungazing – an ancient practice of looking directly at the sun for long periods of time.”


4th & Goal—“The Blind Side meets Hoop Dreams in this epic tale of six young football players in their quest to join the most elite club in professional sports: the NFL…What their experience reveals is the true fate of millions of young football players: only about 1700 players can play in the NFL, and the cut-throat competition – physical, intellectual, and emotional – is what distinguishes one man’s success from another man’s failure.”


Gettysburg (2011)—“From executive producers Tony Scott and Ridley Scott comes a special about the battle that changed the course of the Civil War and the future of the Nation… Gettysburg looks at this battle from a visceral new perspective, that of the everyday soldiers who fought there, in a confrontation that changed the fate of our nation. Stripping away the romanticized veneer of past treatments, this special conveys new information and honors the sacrifice of those, both North and South, who fought and died there.”


Ed Hardy: Tattoo The World—A revealing look at the master of modern tattooing.   @


Inside Alcoholics Anonymous—“Alcoholics Anonymous is widely known, but questions about it still remain: Is AA a cult, a religion, or a treatment? How is it financed and managed? And are its claims to be successful true or hype? We go behind the doors of AA to get the facts and find out what newcomers face when they attend their first meeting.”


Museum Masterpieces: The Louvre—Twelve lectures on the museum and its famous collection from Dr. Richard Brettell from University of Texas at Dallas.


My Run: The Terry Hitchcock Story—“After tragically losing his wife to breast cancer and struggling to raise three young children on his own, real life super hero and modern day Forrest Gump, Terry Hitchcock seized on an idea. He wanted to accomplish the impossible: run 75 consecutive marathons in 75 consecutive days to bring attention to the incredibly difficult lives of single-parent families. He ran in spite of freezing rain and unbearable heat, in spite of chest pains and bone fractures that wracked his 57-year-old body. He just kept running - each day, every day - strengthening an unbreakable bond between father and son - not stopping until he broke the finish line tape in Atlanta.”


Questions for Crazy Horse—“Oliver Tuthill's feature length examination of the myth of one of the most famous Oglala Lakota Sioux warriors of the last two centuries who was assassinated while still in his thirties, never allowed his picture to be taken, and who was never defeated on the battlefield by the United States military. This film takes an introspective look into how American Indians perceive him and what questions they would have for him concerning contemporary problems if he were alive today.”Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story—A colorful and informative look at the life and work of a horror writer/director pioneer. It features interviews with John Landis, Roger Corman, Joe Dante, Diane Baker, and many others.


Les Sylphides (1953)/ Giselle (1958)—“These two exceptional studio performances represent some of the earliest filmed dance material from the BBC archives. Les Sylphides, introduced by Tamara Karsavina, one of the founders of modern British ballet, and the 1958 performance of Giselle both feature stellar international casts embodying a bygone era.”


Visions of Eight—Eight directors—Milos Forman, Michael Pfleghar, Mai Zetterling, Kon Ichikawa, Juri Ozerov, John Schlesinger, Claude Lelouch, and Arthur Penn—capture the 1972 Munich Olympics.  @



Adam (1983)—“Daniel J. Travanti and JoBeth Williams star in the heartbreaking true story of John and Reve Walsh whose 6-year-old son Adam disappears one day while at a shopping mall with his mother. Within hours local police mobilize a massive search for the missing child. But to their surprise the Walshes find that there is no federal agency willing to join in the search. As hopes of finding Adam dim, John Walsh overcomes his deep despair by becoming an advocate for parents of missing children and lobbying in Congress for the Federal Missing Children Act.”


Black Tent (1956)—“In the final grim days of the mid-1942 British Retreat through Libya, a young British Army officer Captain David Holland was posted as missing and later presumed dead…Informed that he may still be alive, Charles Holland sets out in search of his older brother only to uncover the great mystery of David's life, love and ultimate honor. Filmed on location in Libya this classic tale of post war heroism provides an interesting and timely glimpse into the Bedouin culture and the struggle to reconcile life after the war.”


Deadtime Stories: Volume 2—A new anthology of horror shorts from George Romero (Night of the Living Dead).


Devil Within Her aka I Don’t Want to be Born (1976)—Joan Collins, Donald Pleasence, and Caroline Munro star in this demon baby tale.


Flying Blind (1941)—“A flyer protects vital defense secrets from evil foreign agents operating in the United States during WWII. Flying between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, honeymoon air service operator Jim Clark (Richard Arlen) likes his average, but profitable, life. Clark’s secretary Shirley (Jean Parker) waits in the wings, dreaming about the day her boss will fly her to Las Vegas to get married. However, Clark is soon forced to fight a gang of foreign spies, who are looking to steal a new transformer for American fighter planes, when they hijack his plane.”


Forever Plaid: The Movie—“After delighting theatre audiences around the world for over 20 years, and receiving thousands of rave reviews, fan favorite Forever Plaid comes to DVD for the first time! Struggling to make it as a “guy group” in the early 60’s, The Plaids are suddenly wiped out by a school bus filled with eager teens while driving to their first real gig. Nearly fifty years later, they’re returned to Earth to put on the show they never performed.”


Ghost Rider (1935)—“An innocent man escapes from prison and seeks revenge on those who framed him for murder”


Her Secret (1933)—“A truly bizarre comic-drama of love and redemption with really odd female lead, Sari Maritza.”


Inspector General (1949)“Danny Kaye shines as Georgi in this satirical musical comedy about a lovable buffoon who wanders into a town where he is mistaken for the Inspector General by its corrupt mayor. Fearing exposure, the mayor and his equally crooked councilors make attempts to assassinate him, but the kindly townspeople are on Georgi’s side.” It’s new on DVD thanks to Shout! Factory.  @


Let’s Do It Again (1953)—“To teach her unfaithful husband, songwriter Gary Stuart (Ray Milland), a lesson, Constance (Jane Wyman) sets out to have an innocent affair of her own. But when her plan backfires and she finds herself being pursued by an amorous Alaskan millionaire (Aldo Ray), Constance must first wriggle out from under this new and unintended romantic entanglement before conspiring to convince her philandering soon-to-be ex-husband that they are still very much in love.”


Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurs—The latest Asylum mutant-on-mutant action stars Jaleel White (Urkel) and features my favorite movie tagline, “Whoever wins, we lose!”


Pueblo Terror (1931) / Whirlwind Rider (1933)—A Buffalo Bill, Jr. classic Western double feature.


Raiders of the Red Gap (1943)Bob Livingston stars as a, “rancher is marked for death by a gang of hard-riding outlaws.


Rifftrax Live!: House on Haunted Hill & Reefer Madness and Rifftrax Shorts: Olde Tyme Shorts & Shorts To-Go—Mystery Science Theater 3000 stars Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett provide their humorous commentary to these classic films. Each rents separately.   @


River Murders—“The sins of the past are not forgotten in this chilling suspense thriller starring Ray Liotta, Christian Slater and Ving Rhames. When the first body was discovered, it seemed a coincidence. But now homicide detective Jack Verdon (Liotta) has cause to worry: the victims of a series of brutal sex murders are all his former girlfriends. Suspected by the FBI agent who’s taken over the case (Slater) and suspended by his captain (Rhames), Jack must work outside the law if he’s to find the killer, save his future and protect what’s left of his past.”


Thundering Thompson/Lone Bandit/Love Goes West—A triple feature of classic Westerns.


Tracy Rides/Pinto Rustlers—Another classic Western double feature, both starring Tom Tyler.


We Are The Night—“Lena (Karoline Herfurth, Perfume: Story of a Murderer) is a troubled young woman from the wrong part of town. Antisocial and self destructive, Lena is caught in a dead end life until she meets Louise. Beautiful and glamorous, Louise is everything Lena is not and Lena cannot help but be flattered by her attention and the promise of a new life and family. A life of power and excitement. A life that will never, ever end. Fresh from the success of his internationally acclaimed The Wave, director Dennis Gansel delivers a darkly sexy spin on the vampire mythos, one where glamour and power come with a price not noticed until it is far too late.”


You Belong To Me (1941)—“Shortly after their star-pairing in Preston Sturges’ The Lady Eve, Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda were re-teamed in this lesser-known screwball comedy about a hardworking, intelligent, modern woman and a handsome but slightly old-fashioned playboy. On a ski trip, rich, idle Peter Kirk (Fonda) pursues and falls (literally) for Helen Hunt, M.D. After a courtship of hypochondria, she agrees to marry him on the condition that she will continue to practice medicine. Will the very jealous Peter be able to reconcile himself to his wife seeing male patients?”

Thanks for reading, everyone. We'll be back next week with, among other things, a Blu-ray of Heathers. How very.

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