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Scarecrow Video Podcast: Episode 13

Welcome to lucky Episode 13 of The Scarecrow Video Podcast.  Matt is joined by Paige, Alex, and Kevin Clarke for their usual roundup of what they've been watching.


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Matt begins by going on the record as being anti-deleted scenes and menus in the STAR WARS Blu-rays, available for rent and for sale today from your local independent video store. By "anti," he means the deleted scenes are kinda lame (I was not there to defend them, but I disagree) and the menus are uncessarily complicated to navigate (he's right about that).

Paige was a member of Team Zissou for Halloween last year, so it makes sense she'd have an appreciation for Jacques Cousteau documentaries such as THE SILENT WORLD and  A WORLD WITHOUT SUN.  You'll find both of them the PAL Code 2 DVD for rent in our New Release section. We also have a copy of THE SILENT WORLD on DVD in Louis Malle's section.

Resident anime expert Alex has been enjoying K-ON!, a series about a group of high school girls who get together to play music. If live action's more your thing, she recommends SWING GIRLS and LINDA LINDA LINDA in our Japan section. This trailer is dubbed but the DVDs have English subs.

Kevin likes the 1985 British spy thriller EDGE OF DARKNESS. Kevin thinks the score sounds a lot like that of LETHAL WEAPON and the miniseries spawned a recent remake starring Mel Gibson. Coincidence? Listen for yourself.

Matt watched the 1976 version of KING KONG (the one with Jessica Lange and Jeff Bridges) and its ridiculous sequel KING KONG LIVES (1986), that supposes that Kong has been in a coma for years, is close to death, and in need of a heart transplant.

They end with a discussion of "extreme" European horror movies like MARTYRS and INSIDE and the contrast between horror films that those are more realistically brutal and ones that take themselves less seriously, like EVIL DEAD. You can watch the NSFW trailer for MARTYRS here.

You'll find the podcast archives HERE or on the aforementioned iTunes.


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