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New to View: Steven Soderbergh & Matt Damon

In this week's episode of The MacGuffin Podcast, Spencer and MacGuffin editor Greg discuss the work of director Steven Soderbergh, whose new film CONTAGION opens today. Have you seen the trailer? It made me want to set all my clothes on fire and jump in to vat of Purell. Their discussion of the excellent OUT OF SIGHT makes me wonder once again if we'll ever get the KAREN SISCO TV show on DVD. For more on Soderbergh's upcoming film HAYWIRE, we recommend you read this over on Outlaw Vern's site. And confidential to Julia Roberts: Don't listen to these guys. You deserved your Oscar.

They also reflect on the career of one of CONTAGION's many stars, Matt Damon.  I have no shame in telling you that he and Ben Affleck accepting the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay is one of my favorite moment's in the show's history.


For their DVD Picks of the Week, Spencer and Greg pick two of television's best shows. Both are available for rent and sale here at Scarecrow.