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Range War!

If you didn't know about it, Scarecrow Video has a special rental section in our Westerns area where we spotlight a specific Western Sub-genre. This time around the section contains all things related to Range Wars. Here is a blurb offering a brief description of the section. Now it is up to you to visit the store and look at the great films in this section in person.

The Virginian was an early western novel by Owen Wister published in 1902. The highly influential book helped pave the way for novelists like Lous L’Amour and Zane Grey as well as serving as a model for many films to come, including five film adaptations and a television series directly based on the book. Part of the plot of The Virginian revolves around a cattle rustler caught up in a range war. Range wars frequently occurred during the settling of the American West. Typically they involved a conflict regarding either water rights or grazing rights and frequently pitted ranchers and farmers and homesteaders against each other, often with violent results. Famous range wars include the Johnson County Range War, the Mason County War and the Lincoln County War. Coupled with the influence of The Virginian, these range wars have been highly influential of the entire western genre and inspired a whole sub-genre we focus on for this month’s special western section at Scarecrow Video.