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Cinema events for the last weekend of August

Fremont Outdoor Movies ends its season Saturday with THE DUDE FEST, a celebration of the cinema greatness that is THE BIG LEBOWSKI. (Did you get your Limited Edtion Blu-ray yet ?) All the proceeds from the beer garden and the White Russian bar (!), go to Lumana, a charity that helps alleviate poverty in rural areas. There will be TWO Movies at the Mural at Seattle Center this weekend: THE INCREDIBLES on Saturday and O BROTHER WHERE ARE THOU? on Sunday.


Also outdoors on Saturday evening, Northwest Film Forum has the 6th annual BIKE-IN  at Cal Anderson Park with booths & info from local bicycle organizations, live music curated by The Vera Project, and a screening of the cycling classic QUICKSILVER starring Kevin Bacon and featuring a new vinyl soundtrack composed by Jon Francois, Marcy Stone and Tomm Johnson. Inside their fine theaters, NWFF is featuring CRUEL CINEMA: NEW TAMIL FILM,  a series of gritty new films from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It begins on Friday with PUDHUPETTAI, the story of a petty criminal turned powerful gang lord in the slums of Chennai, and continues with through Monday with three other films. A series pass $20 for NWFF members and $30 for the general public. Also this week at NWFF is CRIME AFTER CRIME, a documentary about two rookie lawyers working to free a domestic violence survivor from prison in California, and THE FIRST BEAUTIFUL THING, an engaging Italian family drama from writer/director Paolo Virzi.


This weekend at Central Cinema there's Cameron Crowe's ALMOST FAMOUS and the excellent Korean monster movie THE HOST.  Jason Miller's BADMOVIEART returns on Monday with SPACE MUTINY a 1988 sci-fi adventure that has received the MST3K treatment. On Tuesday you can enjoy TV Dinner with four great episodes of  THE BRADY BUNCH. Wednesday  you can sing along with the AAAAHHH! of FLASH GORDON, then on Thursday there's another Cartoon Happy Hour and more crooning with a  QUEEN vs. DAVID BOWIE SING-A-LONG.


Our neighbors at Grand Illusion CInema have a new 35mm print of the Spanish psychodrama  IN A GLASS CAGE which the GI saysm "stands beside Pasolini's Salo as one of cinema's most unflinching depictions of human depravity." If you prefer lighter film fare, this weekend there's an encore run of  VIDAL SASSON: THE MOVIE, the true store of "how one man changed the world with a pair of scissors."


And for all you PAX attendees in need of a movie break: Take a quick walk up from the Convention Center for The Egyptian's Midnight Movie SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD. It's playing on Friday & Saturday. Or you can come up to Scarecrow and browse our section of Video Game rentals.

Happy viewing, everyone.