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Best Sellers August 16, 2011

All items are available for sale in our store. Highlighted items can also be purchased from our online store.

1. Battle of Algiers: The Criterion Collection Blu-ray

2. Paul

3. Super

4. Executioners from Shaolin

5. Martial Arts of Shaolin

6. Dead Man  Blu-ray

7. Children of Paradise: The Criterion Collection

8. Mystery Science Theater 3000 XXI: MST3K vs. Gamera

9. My Dog Tulip

10. Lord of the Rings Extended Editions  Blu-ray

11. Amelie  Blu-ray

12. The Godfather/The Godfather II  Blu-ray

13. Ponyo

14. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I

15. Brazil  Blu-ray

16. Eastbound & Down: Season 2