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SIFF takes over Lower Queen Anne's UPTOWN

We're a bit late to the bandwagon but we at Scarecrow want to congratulate our friends at SIFF on their recent acquistion of the Uptown Theater in lower Queen Anne. The theater, which orginally opened back in 1926, closed down last November when AMC Theaters decided to shut it down. My husband/fellow Crow staffer and I live a block away from the Uptown and were downright spoiled having a theater so close to home. Both of us got a tad  teary eyed when the last marquee went up, reading "PEACE OUT" on one side and a THANK YOU to the neighborhood on the other. Since it closed the corner of Queen Anne Avenue and Republican has been looking a bit shabby, especially when the Blockbuster across the street went out of business eariler this year (not that LQA residents needed it with Video Isle just up the hill and Scarecrow a short #30 bus ride away). With SIFF Cinema moving in to the Uptown and their soon-be-opened Film Center next to The Vera Project in Seattle Center that will house year-round educational programs & screenings, our already  pretty  awesome two-block radius will soon be a thriving hub for cinema fans all over town.

Uptown's three screens gives SIFF Cinema more flexibilty with their year-round programming and will be an excellent venue come May when the film festival begins. You can read SIFF's official announcement and see a great picture of the Uptown circa 1958 (judging by the film listed on the marquee) here.

SIFF Cinema at the Uptown and the SIFF Film Center are scheduled to open on October 20th. We'll keep you posted on the Grand Opening celebrations and what films they'll be showing.