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New to View: Jason Bateman & Dystopian remakes

Welcome to our weekly check in with local film blog The MacGuffin. In this week's podcast, Spencer and Rich look back at the career of Jason Bateman, whose body swapping gross out comedy THE CHANGE-UP opens Friday.  I'm old enough to have had Tiger Beat and 16 pictures of Mr. Bateman up in my room from the LITTLE HOUSE & SILVER SPOONS days, but Spencer and Rich skip right over my grade school TV crush and proceed to crap all over TEEN WOLF TOO (on a related note,sequels with two oos are clearly superior to those that use numerals).  They then walk through the tall dry grass of NECESSARY ROUGHNESS and much of his work in the 1990s to verdant meadow of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, JUNO, EXTRACT, and his other great work since (we'll ignore HANCOCK).

After Batemania subsides, the MacGuffins discuss dystopian movies that might be ready for a remake/reboot/reimagining in anticipation of RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. For the record, NO ESCAPE is available in our Science Fiction section, about 50 feet or so from our Literature room where this podcast was filmed.

They end as usual with their DVD Picks of The Week. Both are excellent and available here at Scarecrow.