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Sunny Cinema news for the first weekend of August

Three Dollar Bill Cinema's Rock & Roll Fantasy outdoor movie series continues Friday night at Cal Anderson Park with Jim Henson's LABYRNITH starring future Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly and perennial music icon David Bowie.  If you're in the mood for something far less family friendly, Fremont Outdoor Movies has a special 40th anniversary celebration of  A CLOCKWORK ORANGE on Friday night at 9pm (I recommend not driving by with the kids if you don't want them to see the ultra violence projected on to a large wall). Then on Saturday night at 9pm, Fremont Outdoor Movies has PULP FICTION. The doors open at 7pm with trivia and pre-show entertainment. I'm hoping for a twist contest!

Two films by two film legends begin week-long runs this weekend at Northwest Film Forum. First, there's the Seattle premiere of  FILM SOCIALISME,* an uncontionally structured "symphony in three parts" commenting on Europe's social and political history  that's rumored to be Jean-Luc Godard's last film. They also  have a brand new 35mm print of Martin Scorsese's TAXI DRIVER. I don't care how sunny it is or how many times you've seen it, don't miss a chance to see a print of this on a big screen. On Wendesday the 10th, Third Eye Cinema and The Sprocket Society present VISIONS: ANIMATION AND ABSTRACTION, 1908-1994, an impressive selection of animated and experimental short films.

Central Cinema's weekend begins with the BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy, including a marathon of all three on Sunday evening. Jason Miller's BADMOVIEART returns on Monday with THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE (shot in Seattle!). The 80s fantasy cult classic KRULL is on Wednesday night, and Thursday brings a Cartoon Happy Hour at 5:30 and a HEATHERS Quote-A-Long at 8pm. How very!

Our neighbors at Grand Illusion Cinema have NINE NATION ANIMATION, a selection of recent award-winning animated shorts from a variety of international film festivals. On Monday the 8th, there's INTANGIBLE ASSET NUMBER 82, a documentary by Austrailan singer Emma Franz that follows drummer Simon Barker on his search for a Korean Shaman rumored to be one of the world's best improvisers. Franz will be in attendance for Q & A after the film.

We're also hearing good things about RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. Visit our PLANET OF THE APES section for your supplemental viewing needs.


*We have FILM SOCIALISME for rent in our New Release section