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New to View: Cowboys & Aliens & Smurfs

It's time once agin for our weekly check in with The MacGuffin Podcast. Regular co-host John has retired to go off and make movies, and we at Scarecrow look forward to seeing his work on our shelves in the future and wish him the best of luck.  Spencer is now joined by fellow MacGuffin contributor Rich. In this episode, they look forward to COWBOYS & ALIENS with a review Daniel Craig's filmography. There's the "movies you forgot he was in" like ROAD TO PERDITION and LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER along with the  "I knew him before he was James Bond" films like LAYER CAKE and the excellent MUNICH.

After the Craig chat, Spencer and Rich go on to discuss the necessity of THE SMURFS and other seemingly ridiculous premises for a film--like board games, talking kids & animals, and live action versions of cartoons. At least THE SMURFS has Neil Patrick Harris.

The episode ends with their DVD Picks of the Week, both of which are available for rent and sale here at Scarecrow.