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New to View: Captain America and Period Pieces

Our weekly check-in with The MacGuffin Podcast (filmed on location in our Literature room) finds Spencer and John discussing this week's big new summer movie CAPTAIN AMERICA and the career of its director, Joe Johnston. In addition to working on the visual effects for the original Star Wars trilogy, Johnston has also directed movies such as HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS, JURASSIC PARK III, and THE ROCKETEER ("The Rocka-Who?")

After musing on whether CAPTAIN AMERICA will be good and the MacGuffins move on to discuss their favorite period pieces, with picks as diverse as AMADEUS and BOOGIE NIGHTS.

They end as is tradition with their DVD Picks of The Week. We don't have John's Pick in because we have all the films available separately, but we definitely have Spencer's available for rent and sale at the store.