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New to View: MacGuffins on the end of eras

We had to take a break from our weekly check in with The MacGuffin Podcast as we worked out the kinks with our spiffy new website. It looks like we've gotten the embedding issues out of the way just in time for Harry Potter weekend. In their latest episode, Spencer and John do something similar to what our colleage Matt did for The Seattle Times and take a look at the last installments of other beloved franchises. Confidential to John: You'd better watch your anti-Ewok talk around these parts.

Next, the MacGuffins discuss one of their favorite subjects--box office revenue--and how the film's release date effects its box office take. Most of us here at Scarecrow don't pay a lot of attention to box office (to me, the real worth of a film is whether you like it or not), but Spencer & John do a thorough exploration of domestic vs. international releases and what months spawn the most blockbusters. The highest grossing films of all time adjusted for inflation is pretty interesting. Confidential to Spencer: You'd better watch your anti-Sound Of Music talk around these parts.


They end as required by law with their DVD picks of the week. Both of these Rose Byrne vehicles are on our shelves now: