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The State, Mad Men, and other new DVDs for July 14th

Here's some of what's NEW on the Scarecrow shelves for the week of July 14th. THE STATE: COMPLETE SERIES: Many of us have greatly anticipated the arrival of this MTV sketch comedy show from our more youthful days, aka the early 90s. The State is comprised of eleven talented individuals: Kevin Allison, Michael Ian Black, Robert Ben Garant, Todd Holoubek, Michael Patrick Jann, Kerri Kenney-Silver, Thomas Lennon, Joe Lo Truglio, Ken Marino, Michael Showalter and David Wain, who would go on to such humorous endeavors as Wet Hot American Summer, The Ten, Stella and Reno 911. The big question is, "How does it hold up"? I've only made it through one of the five discs, but so far, so good. Aside from the occasional gigantic cell phone and Marky Mark reference, it doesn't feel dated at all. If you're looking to buy it, we've got it on sale here for $44.95. We'll even throw in a box of pudding if you need to reenact the classic Levon & Barry sketch. MAD MEN: SEASON 2: The continuing exploits of Don Draper and the rest of the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency are flying off the shelves as we speak. It's also available on Blu-ray so you can enjoy that early 60s style in high-def. A HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT: Your basic highly creepy haunted house story, but this one's based on a true story of a family who moved into a converted funeral parlor. Eek! It's on Blu-ray as well. 12: Writer& director Nikita Mikhalkov delivers a loose interpretation of 12 Angry Men centered around the trial of a Chechen teenager accused of murdering his Russian stepfather. It was one of last year's Oscar nominees for Best Foreign Film. GREY GARDENS (2009): Jessica Lange is "Big Edie" and Drew Barrymore is "Little Edie" in this dramatic interpretation of the Maysles' groundbreaking documentary about Jacqueline Kennedy's rather eccentric relatives. SLEEPY EYES OF DEATH: COLLECTOR'S SET VOL. 1: Not to be confused with the local music group, this is the first four films in the popular 60s samurai series starring Raizo Ichikawa. The set includes Chinese Jade, Sword of Adventure, Full Circle Killing and Sword of Seduction and warns that all include "violence, nudity and nihilism." FOR ALL MANKIND: Criterion re-issues Al Reinert's 1989 breathtaking documentary on the 24 men who traveled to the Moon. It's also available for the first time on Blu-ray. It's also for sale here on our website. EDGE OF LOVE: An adaptation of Sharman MacDonald's play about the tumultuous real-life relationship between Dylan Thomas (Matthew Rhys) his wife Caitlin (Sienna Miller), his longtime friend Vera (Keira Knightly), and her husband William (Cillian Murphy). MICHEL GONDRY 2: MORE VIDEOS-BEFORE AND AFTER DVD1: The collection includes videos by Paul McCartney, Beck, Cody Chestnutt, The White Stripes & more, plus behind the scenes footage and extras like "Michel Gondry Solves a Rubik's Cube With His Nose." COLOR OF MAGIC: More magical adventures in Terry Pratchett's Discworld with Sean Astin, David Jason, Tim Curry and Jeremy Irons. DOOR INTO SILENCE: Lucio Fulci's final film sends John Savage on a haunting ride through the Louisiana bayou. BLACK TORMENT: A 60's British goth movie in the Hammer tradition-a nobleman and his new wife find themselves at the center of a murder mystery. INGMAR BERGMAN FILMS: Just in time for his birthday, we have some imports of his films not previously available on DVD: Brink Of Life (PAL) (1958), Dreams (PAL Code 4) (1955), Lessons In Love (1954) (PAL), Summer With Monika (1953) (PAL), Three Strange Loves (1949) (PAL), Waiting Women (1952)(PAL) MORE NEW TV ON DVD Arab Labor: Season 1 (read about this groundbreaking Israeli series here) UK series Beautiful People: Series 1 (PAL Code 2) (find out more here) Bewitched: Season 8 (Final season!) ER: Season 11 Joe Schmo 2: Season 2 Leverage: Season 1 (new series starring Timothy Hutton about a team that exposes corrupt corporations) Peyton Place: Part 2 Tracey Takes On...Complete Final Season Wire In The Blood: Season 6 ANIME NEW RELEASES Bleach Vol. 18 Bleach: Season 3 Eps. 42-63 Claymore Vol. 6 Princess Resurrection: Collection 2 FAMILY NEW RELEASES Dog of Flanders (1960) Moomin (1990) Set 3 (PAL Code 2) Nihao, Kai-Lan: Kai-Lan's Great Trip Zorro: Generation Z Vol. 1 MORE NEW BLU-RAY Iron Maiden: Flight 666 Natl. Geographic: Great White Odyssey Shark Week: The Great Bites Collection Wild Pacific (nature doc.) NEW TO THE SIFF 2009 SECTION Bronson (PAL Code 2)(UK) Eldorado (2009) (Belgium) Flame and Citron (PAL Code 2)(Denmark) MORE NEW IMPORTS Beau Serge (PAL Code 4) (France, Claude Chabrol) Caravaggio (2009)(PAL Code 2) (Italy) Chuzhie (PAL) (Russia) Cousins, The (1959)(PAL Code 4) (France, Claude Chabrol) Dean Spanley (PAL) (British Comedy) Doctor Who (2005): Planet of the Dead (PAL Code 2) Lift/Travellers/Calais (PAL Code 2) (British documentary) Long Flat Balls (PAL Code 2) (Norway) One Man and His Pig (PAL Code 2) (Experimental film collection from Belgium) Paradiset (2003) (PAL Code 2) (Sweden) Rain of The Children (PAL Code 4) (New Zealand documentary) Riviere Du Hibou (PAL Code 2) (France, Ambrose Bierce) South Pacific (documentary)(PAL Code 2) (British documentary) Whitechapel (PAL Code 2) (British serial killer story) There's much, much more, including several new operas, new live DVDs from Kurtis Blow and The Sugarhill Gang, a follow up to the phenomenon of The Secret called Beyond The Secret, lots of new documentaries and Kim Kardashian's Fit In Your Jeans By Friday. Stop by the store for the full list. thestate