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Theatrically-playing things of note: 1) If you missed it at Cannes or SIFF, local filmmaker Lynn Shelton's HUMPDAY opens this weekend at the Harvard Exit. We encourage you to go see it not only for the reasons Ms. Shelton explained over on the SLOG, but because it really is an enjoyable film and deserving of all the praise Shelton & crew have received so far. My favorite scene gives a shout out to our colleagues over at Island Video. Hurrah for indie video stores and ten-disc-long documentaries! 2) The Carole Lombard series is already underway at SAM, but you can still get pro-rated tickets for the remaining five weeks (including True Confession and My Man Godfrey) here at the store--they're now $29 for SAM members and $33 for the general public. 3) Tomorrow (that's July 11th) at Grand Illusion Cinema, Warren Etheredge (of The Warren Report fame) is hosting a screening of KING OF THE CORNER along with a post-show in-depth interview with actor/director Peter Riegert. We all remember Riegert from ANIMAL HOUSE and LOCAL HERO and THE SOPRANOS, but I'd have to sit on my hands to avoid the embarrassment of asking about his guest role as Dan Rydell's dad on SPORTS NIGHT. 4) We've compiled some Pee-Wee Herman trivia (no, we didn't go there) to test your knowledge before the screening of PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE over at the Fremont Outdoor Movies tomorrow. Don't worry, they've picked up all the brains & bits from last week's Zombiethon. 5) BRUNO opens today. As of this post, no one on staff has seen it. Please stop by and let us know what you think.