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Summer USED SALE Starts Saturday!

Get ready to stock up on summer viewing! Starting tomorrow all our USED DVDs, VHS & LASERDISCS will be ON SALE for ludicrously low prices. Here's the breakdown: Items priced $7.99 and lower are 50% OFF Items priced $8 to $14.99 are $4.00 Items priced $15 to $49.99 are $6 Items priced $50 and up are $20 That's savings a plenty on hundreds of quality titles. You can take advantage of our temporary heat-stroke-induced insanity until Sunday, July 26th. We'll also have a sampling of used stuff for sale up at the Seattle Summer Streets FestAVEAll tomorrow (July 11th) from 9am to 4pm. After getting some organic blueberries and kale from the Farmers Market, saunter down to our booth across the street from Red Light. We'll also have t-shirts, books and the elusive Scarecrow stickers. cleancrow2