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The inaugural episode of THE SCARECROW PODCAST

When I tell people I work at Scarecrow they often ask, “Do you guys just sit around and talk about movies all day?” There’s part of me that hesitates to admit it, but I always answer with a resounding, “Yes, yes we do.*” Working all day surrounded by over 110,000 titles, we are naturally compelled to watch as many as we can and aren’t shy about sharing our thoughts on them. Our staff represents an unique and broad range of tastes and sensibilities. When a particular movie or film-related subject comes up and those tastes mesh and/or clash, it can make for an interesting work day. We’ve found through years of discussion and debate that we quite enjoy all the challenging and corroborating that volleys back and forth as we go about our tasks. So we decided to take our spirited conversations out from the dusty shelves behind the counter and out here to the Internet.  Hence, the first episode of THE SCARECROW PODCAST: Potentially insightful musings on movies by the cast & crew of Seattle’s Scarecrow Video.

The subject matter will vary depending on who’s participating but likely we’ll cover what we’ve been watching, the genres/directors/writers we do or don’t enjoy, what makes Scarecrow unique among the many ways to get movies, and pretty much anything else that comes up along the way.

We begin our podcasting adventure with Matt Lynch, Kevin Clarke, Bryan Theiss and myself talking about our recent viewing**, action movies and a bit about the David Fincher/Aaron Sorkin production THE SOCIAL NETWORK. I can speak from experience (and I know many of my co-workers will back me up) that you definitely want to hear Matt & Kevin debate BAD BOYS II. You can listen to the first episode HERE.

Future episodes will include a rotating cast of participants from our staff & some very special guests. We’ll post all the episodes here, and soon it will be available though the magic of  iTunes for your downloading pleasure.

If you have any questions, feedback or ideas for topics for future discussion, please post a comment here or email us  at

Much thanks to our producer Mark Allender