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Anime Spotlight: Osamu Tezuka

Anime Spotlight is back! along with several other new spotlights around the store, hoping to bring attention to movies and themes you might have otherwise looked over in our vast collection. Last month, Anime Spotlight featured a Detective theme. With obvious popular series like Death Note and Ghost in the Shell, but also some more rarities such as Fake and a lesser-known Miyazaki production Sherlock Hound! This month features the "Godfather of Anime" himself, Osamu Tezuka! Famously known for creating Astro Boy, he was known as the Walt Disney of Japan. Even though a lot of his manga and anime could come off as childish or aimed for kids, he also had quite a collection of dark, more adult themed stories. Another popular series that was a bit more for the older crowd is Black Jack, a talented surgeon who performs illegal operations using radical techniques. Tezuka went to medical school originally set on becoming a doctor before realizing he wanted to commit full time to creating manga. His degree came in handy when writing and drawing the details of some gruesome plot points within Black Jack. My favorite story I found out about Tezuka via wikipedia was about Stanley Kubrick being inspired by Astro Boy and invited him to come be the art director on his movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. Tezuka had to turn Kubrick down because he couldn't leave his studio to live abroad, for he had work to do! Even until his final moments in 1989, it is said he just wanted to keep working. I guess it goes without saying that Tezuka was a hard working and very inspired individual. Many artists and mangaka look up to him, still to this day he is called the "Kamisama of Manga" (god of comics in Japan)!