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Howdy, There's a new special section in the Western area of Scarecrow Video. It is called ACID WESTERNS. Below is a short blurb and you really should come in and rent some movies. The term Acid Western has been accredited to film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum who coined the phrase in his review of Jim Jarmusch�s Dead Man. As a Western sub-genre, Acid Westerns emerged in the late sixties when filmmakers began to explore many of the ideas popular with the counter-culture movement and combined them with elements of a traditional, classic Western and the more far out Spaghetti Western scene. Many people cite The Shooting (1967) as the first Acid Western and screenwriter Rudolph Wurlitzer is considered the key figure in developing the genre. Like the similarly subversive Revisionist Western movement Acid Westerns were highly critical of society and the notion of Manifest Destiny. Enjoy these trippy flicks!