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Things of a theatrical nature for the June 11th weekend & beyond

Seattle's film festival mania comes to an end this weekend as SIFF and STIFF (Seattle's True Independent Film Festival) come to a close. Among the many films playing during the last weekend of SIFF are the documentary HOT COFFEE (read Brandi Sperry's review over on The MacGuffin), an encore screening of the Gay-La film AUGUST, NORWEGIAN WOOD (the Japanese film based on the novel by Haruki Murakami) and Sunday night's Closing film LIFE IN A DAY at the Cinerama. Visit the day-to-day schedule for the full list of movies.

STIFF closes with movies such as BEATBOXING: THE FIFTH ELEMENT OF HIP-HOP, blocks of Animated shorts and films made by younger filmmakers, and the Award Ceremony & after party at Central Cinema. See their online schedule for the full list of films.

Once STIFF leaves Central Cinema, their programming week kicks off Monday with the found footage frivolities of COLLIDE-O-SCOPE and and the Best Worst Movie TROLL 2 in Hecklevision--that's with your hilarious retort texts presented on screen. The rest of the week has puppets of a nice and naughty variety with a MUPPET MOVIE Sing-A-Long (are their people who don't cry when singing "Rainbow Connection"?) and Peter Jackson's MEET THE FEEBLES, along with Thursday's TV Dinner with the best clips & performances from THE MUPPET SHOW.

Over at Northwest Film Forum, there's the Seattle premiere of BEIJING TAXI, a documentary following three taxi drivers as they prepare for the flood of international tourists during the 2008 Summer Olympics. Director Miao Wang will be in attendance for Saturday's screenings.Also this week at NWFF, Sunday there's SHORTS IN SUPPORT OF IRAN, a collection of short protest films commissioned by Cine Foundation International.On Wednesday there's SHORTS FROM THE FLAHERTY SEMINAR, a collection of films all based around the theme of WORK, and Thursday has INTER-ACTION, a collection of animated shorts by Seattle Experimental Animation Team (or SEAT).

Our 50th Avenue brethren at Grand Illusion Cinema continue their classic horror/comedy showcase with ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET THE MUMMY,with a classic cartoon & newsreel before each show. The amazing classic Japanese sci-fi INFRA-MAN appears in the Late Night viewing spot.

And for all those who've been twitching through J.J. Abrams withdrawals since LOST ended, SUPER 8 opens in theaters on Friday. Happy viewing to all.