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June's Actor's Spotlight

Each month, we at Scarecrow pick two of our favorite actors and gather some of their definitive films in a special rental section.� June's Actor's Spotlight features:


This Korean actor began his career as a child in such films as 1960's The Housemaid. Since then he's appeared in over 70 films, including� The Romantic President (2005), The Warrior aka Musa (2001),� My New Partner (2008), and Nowhere to Hide (1999).


You probably know Ms. Dunne from her role alongside Cary Grant in Leo McCarey's classic 1937 screwball comedy The Awful Truth.� She also starred with Grant in Penny Serenade (1941) and My Favorite Wife (1940).� The section contains some of her films that have recently become available on DVD thanks to the Warner Archives: The Age of Innocence (1934), The Joy of Living (1938), and The White Cliffs of Dover (1944). The Actor's Spotlight section is located to the right of the staircase just before the Second Take section.