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Theatrical happening for the first weekend/week of June

Seattle's film festival festivities goes to eleven this weekend as SEATTLE'S TRUE INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL, the annual indie movie showcase "dedicated to the exhibition of independent, underground, experimental and zero budget films" kicks off Friday night with a fabulous Opening Party at Northwest Film Forum. The festival runs through June 12th with movies and other shenanigans at NWFF, Central Cinema, and the Jewel Box Theater at the Rendezvous. You can browse the full schedule of shorts, documentaries and features� HERE and buy tickets for them HERE.

Meanwhile, SIFF continues on with its fine selection of movies, including my shamelessly most anticipated film of the fest BEING ELMO: A PUPPETEER'S JOURNEY on Sunday morning at SIFF Cinema. As wary as I am of puppets who talk in the third person, I can't resist a chance to see any behind the scenes action at Sesame Street. You can browse SIFFs day-by-day schedule HERE and keep up with our colleague Media Babe's reviews HERE.

And because we know that even with two excellent film festivals worth of programming isn't nearly enough,� our good friends at Grand Illusion Cinema have a week-long run of the horror comedy classic ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN starring the iconic comedy duo and Glenn Strange (The Monster) with The Wolf Man (Lon Cheney, Jr.) and Dracula (Bela Lugosi) along for the ride. The GI's Late Nights return from hiatus with a different kind of horror classic, 1986's TRICK OR TREAT a heavy metal demon movie starring Gene Simmons (sans KISS makeup), Marc Price (who you'll recognize as Skippy from Family Ties) with a "special appearance" by Ozzy Osbourne.� Both of these films will be shown on lovely 35mm.

In festival news of the non-film variety the annual NOISE FOR THE NEEDY festival begins Tuesday. For those not in the know, NFTN is a great nonprofit run by great people who organize a group of live music� shows and other festivities to raise money for local charities. The lineup includes bands such as The F***ing Eagles and The Pharmacy, plus� a comedy show featuring the humorisms of our colleague Travis on June 12th. (read the full schedule of shows HERE). This year's festival benefits the low-income & homeless advocacy group/newspaper producers REAL CHANGE. Happy viewing and listening to all!