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New Releases for May 31st

Among this week�s New Releases are dazzling new Blu-rays, powerful pop music, stimulating documentaries, fast cruising cars, and vampires both young and old. Here�s the list. As always * means we have it on Blu-ray, @ means we also have it for sale in the store, and you can buy select titles online by clicking SALE.

BIUTIFUL*� Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu�s emotional tale of criminals, family, and communing with the dead. It received Oscar nominations for Best Foreign Language Film and its star Javier Bardem.� @ SALE TRUE BLOOD: SEASON 3*�Sookie Stackhouse and the gang return for more sexy vampire fun on the bayou.� @ DRIVE ANGRY*�Nicolas Cage is a criminal who escapes from Hell (!) to save his granddaughter from ritual sacrifice. It�s worth watching for the subtle performance by William Fichtner as Hell�s �Accountant.� I�m hoping for a spin-off franchise.� @ BACKWASH�Hilarity ensues when Michael Ian Black, Joshua Malina, and Michael Panes play slackers who become men of independent means after one of them inadvertently robs a bank. It features an impressive roster of guest stars like Jon Hamm, David Wain, and Allison Janney.

THE ONE PERCENT--One percent of Americans own about 40 percent of the nation�s wealth. Jamie Johnson�s new documentary looks at the lives of some of the elite few and the system that allows the ever widening gap between rich and poor. DAVID BYRNE: RIDE RISE ROAR*�Live concert film blending movement and dance with classic Talking Heads songs and his recent collaborations with Brian Eno.� @ KA-BOOM�When it played there earlier this year, our friends at Northwest Film Forum called Gregg Araki�s (Doom Generation) latest, �an ambisexual college apocalypse thriller� made in Araki�s �camp pop style.�� @ MISCHIEVOUS KISS�New Korean drama about a spunky high school student (Jung So-Min) with a crush on the school�s smartest boy (Kim Hyun-Joong).� @ SALE PASSION PLAY�A new thriller starring Mickey Rourke, Bill Murray, and Megan Fox�with wings?!? We refer you to Outlaw Vern for the full rundown. AMERICAN GRAFFITI�Before podracing and The Kessel Run, George Lucas made this coming-of-age tale with plenty of cars, drive-ins and cruising. This is a new Special Edition and it's brand new on Blu-ray.� @ A CLOCKWORK ORANGE�New on Blu-ray! We also have the full new Blu-ray Kubrick collection with nine films: Spartacus, Lolita, Dr. Strangelove, 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, and Eyes Wide Shut, along with Stanley Kubrick: A Life In Pictures.� You can read more about this over on local critic Sean Axmaker's blog. @ Clockwork Orange SALE Full set SALE NEW VIDEO GAMES Kung Fu Panda 2 (Xbox Kinect)

FAMILY NEW RELEASES Geronimo Stilton: Volume 1

Valley of the Dinosaurs: The Complete Series (1975)

NEW BLU-RAY Cat O� Nine Tales @ Legend (1985)�Ultimate Edition�� @ A Man Called Horse @ Once Upon a Time in The West @�� SALE

NEW TV ON DVD The Dog Whisperer: Season 5 Midnight Is A Place: Complete Series Stargate SG-U: Final Season Psych: Season 5 --Pardon me while I take a moment to swoon over Dule Hill...

NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS In The City of Sylvia (2007)�Spain �A young artist searches the winding streets of Strasbourg for an old love in Jose Luis Guerin's acclaimed and exceedingly beautiful In the City of Sylvia.� Iron Bodyguard (1973)�Another Shaw Brothers/Cheh Chang kung fu collaboration, new to DVD in the US. @

Pay Back (2007)�Iran �Tahmineh Milani once again pushes the envelope with this double-edged comedy-drama about a recently paroled woman who talks three other ex-cons into a get-rich-quick scheme. The scheme involves fleecing gullible men who are on the make even though they are married. Despite the storyline's darker implications, Milani (Cease Fire, Super Star) manages to infuse the film with some comic high jinks, particularly when the four young women turn the tables on their would-be male predators.� Prey (2010)--France� "One night, several deer inexplicably hurl themselves against the electric fence of a farm. Discovering deep bites on the animals bodies, the farmer and visiting family members (who have gathered for a tense reunion) penetrate deep into the surrounding forest. They carry guns, expecting to encounter wild predators, but what they are bewildered to find is an environment ravaged by a mysterious evil force... This modern-day horror film blends elements of The Descent, Jaws and Deliverance into an original picture of human nature scarier than the darkest woods." Undertow (2009)�Peru �In a tiny Peruvian seaside village, where traditions run deep, Miguel (Cristian Mercado), a young fisherman, and his beautiful bride, Mariela (Tatiana Astengo), are about to welcome their first child. But Miguel harbors a scandalous secret. He�s in love with Santiago (Manolo Cardona), a painter, who is ostracized by the town because he�s gay. After a tragic accident occurs, Miguel must choose between sentencing Santiago to eternal torment or doing right by him and, in turn, revealing their relationship to Mariela�and the entire village. Written and directed by Javier Fuentes-Le�n, and featuring a sizzling international cast, Undertow (Contracorriente) is rich in the details of legend, tradition, and locale; and it is in these details that the truth lies. Strikingly photographed to accentuate the majestic Peruvian coastline, this sexy, haunting love story transcends place and time.� Waiting City (2009)�Australia �After married couple Ben (Joel Edgerton) and Fiona (Radha Mitchell) journey to Calcutta to pick up their adopted baby, the intoxicating power of the chaotic city pulls them apart. But the couple soon learns that in order to find true happiness together they must as they work through their doubts and rediscover their love for one another.� NEW WARNER ARCHIVES/MGM LIMITED/UNIVERSAL VAULT SERIES The Ambassador (1984)��An American ambassador, his wife, and her Arab lover are caught up in a dangerous game of intrigue, extortion, and murder, in the explosive Middle East. In this taut political thriller about the high price of honor, a beautiful woman gambles her marriage for a moment of love, one man risks his reputation for lust, and another risks his life for the cause of peace.� It stars Robert Mitchum, Ellen Burstyn, and Rock Hudson, and is based on the novel by Elmore Leonard. Blood Bath (1966)��A succession of beautiful women mysteriously disappear, shocking the city of Venice, California.� It stars William Castle, Marissa Mathes, and Sandra Knight, and was directed by Stephanie Rothman and Jack Hill.

Four Daughters Collection�All four films about the lives and loves of Professor Adam Lemp (Claude Rains) and his four daughters. Four Daughters (1938), Daughters Courageous (1939), and Four Wives (1939) were directed by Michael Curtiz (Casablanca), while the last film Four Mothers (1941) was directed by William Keighley. Lady in a Jam (1942)��Lady in a Jam is a classic screwball comedy starring Irene Dunne as Jane, a young lady who is suspected of insanity after she squanders her entire inheritance yet refuses to accept her poor financial state. Dr. Enright (Patric Knowles) is the handsome doctor assigned to her case, unbeknownst to Jane. Posing as her chauffeur, he drives her out west to her rich grandmother, from whom Jane hopes to recoup her fortune. Refusing to give Jane a dime, instead her grandmother allows her to work the family's played-out gold mine. Jane's ex-boyfriend (Ralph Bellamy) comes into the picture only to discover Jane is smitten with the doctor. A love triangle ensues and finally the gold mine and Jane's love life starts to yield some promise.� Laws of Gravity (1992)��Two petty crooks, Jimmy and Jon, find the opportunity for a big score when Frankie, an old friend and ex-con, arrives in town with a load of illegal handguns for sale. The guns are the source of tension for the friends and their families. When a domestic dispute lands Jon in jail, Jimmy goes to sell the guns to raise the bail. When Frankie discovers that his merchandise is missing, he goes after Jimmy and the guns.� It was written and directed by Nick Gomez and stars Peter Greene, Adam Trese, and Edie Falco. Old Dracula (1974)� �In this spoof of the Transylvanian legend, David Niven stars as Count Dracula, who sinks his fangs into a bevy of Playboy Bunnies in order to find the right blood type to resurrect his dear-departed wife.�

The Prize (1963)��Top writers, scientists and leaders converge annually on Stockholm to take part in the awarding of the prestigious Nobel Prizes. This year, however, some honorees will find the great event eclipsed by a greater challenge: staying alive. Paul Newman is up to his famed baby blues in danger and intrigue as Andrew Craig, a hard-drinking author and Nobel winner for literature. At first dismissive of the award and only interested in the cash it brings, Craig finds his writer instincts and wit sharpened when he senses the physics prize winner (Edward G. Robinson) is an impostor. He sets out to expose the hoax, freefalling into a Cold War ploy of secrets, pursuits, subterfuge and assassins adapted for the screen (from Irving Wallace�s bestseller) with spice and wit by Ernest Lehman (North by Northwest, Sweet Smell of Success).� The Rack (1956)��Wounded and weakened in Korean prison camps, GIs descend from the plane that returned them to U.S. soil. It is a time of tearful family reunions. A time of uncertainty about how to help traumatized men. And a time of reckoning: Capt. Edward W. Hall Jr., a silver-star hero and ex-POW, faces trial for collaboration with the enemy. Paul Newman�s richly complex portrayal of Hall sets the tone of acting excellence found throughout The Rack. How much can a POW be expected to endure before breaking? Should his own past and emotional vulnerabilities be weighed against the miltary�s policy of name, rank and serial number? The issues remain timelessly relevant in this probing courtroom drama adapted from a Rod Serling teleplay.� Until They Sail (1957)��The men of New Zealand march off to war, leaving behind cities and villages filled with women and loneliness. In time, new men come ashore: U.S. Marines facing uncertain futures in Pacific battles yet to come. And new loves � tender or tragic, transitory or lasting � begin to flower. A constellation of actresses shines in a bittersweet James A. Michener story of sisters (Jean Simmons, Joan Fontaine, Piper Laurie and Sandra Dee) embracing love in a time of war, but it�s the sensitive romance between a war widow (Simmons) and a jaded captain (Paul Newman, establishing his credentials as a screen heartthrob) that forms the tale�s poignant heart. Under the sensitive direction of Robert Wise (who directed Newman the year before in his breakthrough Somebody Up There Likes Me), the memories of a lifetime are formed Until They Sail.� NEW DOCUMENTARIES Atomic Age Classics No. 7: How To Be A Soldier��During World War II, 16mm educational films were recognized by the U.S. Military as an efficient and effective training tool to get a consistent message across to a large number of troops�The films on this A/V Geeks Archive DVD compilation are excellent examples how using short narratives, like-able characters, Hollywood stars, humor, animation and shocking imagery helped to get the soldier's attention.� The collection covers such topics as venereal disease, the term SNAFU, and re-enlisting (with the help of Chuck Jones� animation and a solider voiced by Mel Blanc). Atomic Age Classics No. 8: How To Be A Housewife��Hey, ladies, is your husband grumbling about the cleanliness of his home, his clothes and the kids? Is your grocery budget through the roof and, yet, the family just mopes and picks at their plates? Do you know how to handle an aerosol can correctly? And do you ever wonder what problems housewives around the world face? Well, the A/V Geeks are here to help with this compilation of old 16mm films that aim to solve the problems housewives face everyday!� It covers everything from how to pack a suitcase to shopping on a budget to the evils of hard water. Bad Universe��The Universe is a dangerous place. Threats can come from any direction. But pop culture has played fast and loose with the facts, and quite often the things we know are all wrong, and when you're dealing with the universe, ignorance can be deadly. That's where Phil Plait comes in. He's an 'Alpha Nerd' with a PhD in Astronomy, on a mission to debunk all the junk science out there and reveal the truth. In each episode, he'll show you the real science behind the mysteries of this planet, our solar system and the bad universe we all live in. It might just save your life.� Extraordinary Minds: Noam Chomsky�Dr. Howard Gardner�s new series �explores the most extraordinary minds of our time, revolutionary individuals who have used their brilliance to shape the world.� Here he speaks with linguist, author, and activist Noam Chomsky. Fab 5��They were one of the most famous - and infamous - teams in college basketball history. Arriving on the campus of the University of Michigan in the fall of 1991, the five freshmen -Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson-not only electrified the game, but also brought new style to the masses with their baggy shorts, black socks and brash talk. Forget what you remember about the Fab 5-this film will show them in an entirely new light.� The Fabulous Beekman Boys��The Fabulous Beekman Boys documents the adventure of a lifetime, as Brent and Josh try to make their entrepreneurial venture a success without sacrificing their personal relationship. The farm is home to a menagerie that helps produce everything from egg white soap to cheese, but with Josh still living in the city to earn a paycheck and Brent living full time at the farm dealing with the day to day tasks, the couple have created a recipe for conflict..."

Frontline: Modern Meat��The Centers for Disease Control recently noted that a single fast-food hamburger contained beef from more than 100 cows. Frontline investigates the meat industry and the safety of U.S. meat supplies. Meat production has become a highly mechanized, centralized industry, changing both the way meat is produced and the way Americans eat, while new U.S. Department of Agriculture meat inspection procedures give greater control to the meat industry.� In The Wild with Harry Butler��Before Steve Irwin, there was Harry Butler. Experience all 26 Episodes of the Premier Australian Wildlife Series hosted by one of Australia�s most recognized environmental conservationists. Go into rainforests, through swamps, over mangroves and across the desert for extraordinary footage of exotic species in action with Harry Butler, the first wildlife television host to get up close and personal with nearly every animal in Australia!� Living with Cancer: A Message of Hope��Living With Cancer: A Message of Hope explores the human side of the cancer experience and documents the personal stories of some of the nearly ten million Americans who were diagnosed with cancer, underwent treatment, and are now living full and healthy lives. The word cancer is one of the most frightening words in the American vocabulary. Our purpose in producing this program was to ease people�s fear about these diseases and show that with early detection and new treatments, more people are surviving a cancer diagnosis than ever before. The experiences illustrated in this program show that a cancer diagnosis can be a part of life, not necessarily the end of life.� Motherhood Manifesto��Women shouldn't be discriminated against simply because they are mothers... but they are! This vibrant documentary gathers true stories from American mothers, ranging from maternity leave, to day care, to employment discrimination, to shed some light on the �crisis of care� in America.� Nature: Salmon-Running The Gauntlet��This film will investigate the parallel stories of collapsing Pacific salmon populations and how biologists and engineers have become instruments in audacious experiments to replicate every stage of the fish's life cycle. In its exposure of a creative, complex, and expensive approach to managing salmon, the film reveals one of the most ambitious plans ever conceived for taking the reins of the planet.� Never Apologize�Malcolm McDowell�s one man show is a portrait of director Lindsay Anderson... Tales Of The Gun��In the centuries since the gun was invented, hundreds of innovators, engineers and inventors have brought their vision together to create what has become one of the most perfectly produced items ever made. Tales Of The Gun chronicles the long history of firearm design and construction from the first, primitive weapons to today's computer-controlled, high-tech factories. From the gunslingers of the Wild West to the newest technology being developed for tomorrow�s super-weapons, guns have etched a place in today s culture for their masterful combination of form, function and beauty.� Two Suitcases: Story of St. Josephine Bakhita��Josephine was born in 1869 in Sudan. As a child of 7 or 8, she was taken away by Arab slave traders and given the name "Bakhita," meaning fortunate, and then sold no less than five times between 1877 and 1883. She was subjected to beatings which left deep scars on her body. Finally in 1883 she was purchased by an Italian Consulate agent, Calisto Legnani, who was much kinder to her. Legnani returned to Italy in 1885, taking Josephine with him. There she was entrusted to the care of the Michieli family in Venice. When the Michielis went to the Sudan on business, Josephine stayed at the Catechumen Institute in Venice, run by the Canossian Sisters. It is here that she discovered the faith and learned that God, not man, is the true Master of every human being. When the Michielis� came to take her back to Sudan, she chose to remain there, and her new life began. Sister Josephine demonstrated that God's love is stronger than any humiliation and suffering. Since her death in 1947, many miracles have been attributed to her. She was beatified in 1992 and declared a saint by Pope John Paul II in 2000. This program dramatizes her extraordinary life, which is recalled through a Canossian Sister, sharing the details with her spiritually searching brother and thereby bringing to him serenity, a new hope for life, and a new joy in the Church.� �AND MORE MOVIES Alien 2: On Earth (1980)��A group of cave explorers are confronted in an underground cavern by a mysterious living rock. Little do they know that it bears home to deadly, flesh-eating creatures, intent on wiping out the entire human population. Can they survive and ultimately prevent Earth's total annihilation?� The widescreen DVD is transferred from the original 35mm negative. Along the Sundown Trail (1942)�An �adventure on the dusty trail� starring Lee Powell and singers Bill Boyd and Art Davis. Brute Corps (1972)��A beautiful hitchhiker and a draft dodger travel to Mexico and encounter a pack of mercenaries awaiting their next mission in Central America. A terribly psychotic merc takes a liking to the girl which sets the couple on a brutal and violent course of torture and rape. Gritty and exciting, this one is not for the faint of heart.�

Cross (2011)��When beautiful, young women start disappearing from the streets of L.A., it�s time for good-guy Callan (a.k.a. Cross) and his crew of weapons experts to kick into high gear and take out the trash. Granted incredible power by his ancient Celtic cross, Callan must fight to stop an immortal Viking from destroying mankind with his doomsday device. Starring: Brian Austin Green, Tom Sizemore, Jake Busey and Lori Heuring.� Damon and Pythias (1962)��Dionysus, dictator of Syracuse, is determined to eradicate the dissidents who are spreading the revolutionary Athenian philosophy of brotherhood and unity. He plans a public execution for Damon, who has been arrested for spreading the radical teachings. When news arrives that Damon's wife is dying, his friend, Pythias, offers his life in ransom, so that Damon can return home. The tyrant strikes a deal, and Damon is allowed to go free. If he does not return in two months, Pythias will die in his stead. Dionysus, secure in his understanding of human nature, knows that the execution of Pythias will discredit and destroy the Athenian rabble-rousers.� Last Chase: Director�s Cut (1981)�Lee Majors, Chris Makepeace, and Burgess Meredith star in this sci-fi adventure set in the future where the population can only get around by public transportation. The Horror! �The oil supply has dried up, so an increasingly totalitarian government has ordered all personal vehicles be impounded by law. Franklyn Hart, a former race car driver, isn't happy with the law, so he reassembles his race car and sets out for �Free California,� which has broken away from the new regime. He is aided by a tech savvy teen, who feels alienated by the new �social� society. The government finds out about Franklyn's plans and hires an old pilot to find him and take him out on his way to �freedom� � using a fully armed fighter jet! It's machine vs. machine as The Last Chase is on!�

Little Red Schoolhouse (1936)��Disgraced after being disciplined at the quaint rural Hilldale School, orphan Frank Burke hops a freight train and runs away to the big city. While his desperate sister, Mary, searches in vain for her younger brother, Frank learns that New York is not the paradise that he envisioned. He is taken in by gangsters, who frame the gullible youth for one of their murders. Frank begins serving a long prison sentence, where his only hope is to be forgiven by the sister he abandoned.� It stars Dickie Moore and Frank Coghlan, Jr. Midnight Run Movie Marathon�All the of Midnight Run movies together in a handy two disc set. It includes the original 1988 film with Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin and the sequels Another Midnight Run, Midnight Runaround, and Midnight Run For Your Life starring Christopher MacDonald. Nightmare in Las Cruces��This powerful film is based on actual events involving two killers who walked into a Las Cruces bowling alley and changed the lives of seven people and their families forever. Forced to the floor at gunpoint, the victims were shot multiple times, execution style. Left for dead in a burning building, one heroic girl was able to call for help. Twenty years later, the people of Las Cruces still seek justice with only two survivors remaining and the killers still on the loose.� Pirates: Blood Brothers (1999)��Pray for safe passage .. When two brothers from the noble albrizzi family fall in love with the same woman they pledge war against one another to avenge her accidental death.� This Lamberto Bava film stars Mario Adorf and Anna Falchi. Renfrew Of The Royal Mounted (1937)��An inspector is murdered while investigating a counterfeiting ring, and Sergeant Renfrew is sent to track down his killers. His hunt leads to the exclusive Totem Pole Lodge, where he believes Bronson, a notorious master engraver is in hiding. At the resort, Renfrew discovers a tiny clue in one of the counterfeit bills, and realizes that he has what he needs to crack the case wide open!� This is the first of eight Renfrew adventures. It sounds like it could have been the Police Academy of its time. Savage County��Patrick and his friends should never have set foot on the Hardell family property. The stories are true, you see, and the Hardell s Willard, Kasper and Orry are not friendly towards unwelcome guests. And so after a dare gone badly wrong, Patrick and his friends are on the run for their lives, the gruesome trio hot on their trail and out for blood. A slasher in the classic mould, David Harris� Savage County is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Hostel - a bloody thrill ride of brutal kills and the desperate fight for survival.� Tenderfoot Goes West��In this western, a citified writer of pulp westerns decides to head into the West to experience it first hand. Unfortunately, he finds himself entangled with an outlaw and then falsely accused of murder. Fortunately, the greenhorn is saved from hanging by a brave hero.� It stars Jack La Rue and Ralph Byrd.