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SIFF 2011 Movie Review: On Tour

An American group of burlesque performers are touring theaters in France, their "manager" returning to France with them to facilitate the process and arrange for the theaters. During their travels, however, business and personal problems arise to confuse and complicate things.�I loved about half of this movie. The burlesque performers, their acts (which blessedly we get to see a great deal of) and their joie de vivre makes this film utterly shine with joy, energy and delight. Unfortunately the real-life woes of their manager act more as a distraction than contribute to the overall telling of the story. There is endless problem after endless problem with little actually explained and nothing resolved. You spend too much time trying to figure out what the exactly is going on and why, which keeps interrupting the overall flow. Clearly these issues are essential for bringing certain aspects of the story to a head, and some of them are very interesting and entertaining. But as a whole they should have been simplified and focused, or perhaps edited in differently, to achieve the same effect but place less drag on the rest of the film. Instead, as it currently stands, it tends to separate the film into two halves - the story about the burlesque troupe and their adventures against the story of one man's attempt to mend his irreparably broken past. Still, despite this fact I highly recommend this film, especially if you enjoyed A Wink and a Smile (SIFF 2008) or burlesque in general. France, 2010 (111 minutes) Director: Mathieu Amalric Cast: Mathieu Amalric, Julie Atlas Muz, Miranda Colclasure, Suzanne Ramsey Awards: Cannes FIlm Festival 2010 (Best Director) Festival Screenings 9:00 PM Sat, May 28 Admiral Theater 9:30 PM Thu, June 9 Neptune Theatre 3:30 PM Sat, June 11 Neptune Theatre