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Spotlight Kids section: Classic Disney stars

Our latest Spotlight Special Rental Section celebrates the work of three Disney stars from the late 50s & 60s. They are: HAYLEY MILLS

Probably the most recognizable of the Disney movie stars of the era, Ms. Mills starred in such films as the original PARENT TRAP, POLYANNA, and THAT DARN CAT! KEVIN CORCORAN

Mr. Corcoran co-starred with Ms. Mills in POLYANNA, but you may remember him best as one of the non-canine stars of OLD YELLER. I always think of him as Francis the Tiger Catcher from SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON. Fun Fact: The father in SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON was played by John Mills, Hayley's dad. KURT RUSSELL

Yes! Before got all Snake Plissken on us, young Mr. Russell starred in such Disney classics as THE HORSE IN THE GRAY FLANNEL SUIT and THE COMPUTER WORE TENNIS SHOES. You'll find these three actors' Disney-era films in the special section adjacent to the downstairs customer station in our Kids' section.