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David Lynch is coming to Scarecrow! Really!

Yes, it's true! Legendary filmmaker DAVID LYNCH will be here at Scarecrow Video starting at noon on Wednesday, January 17th! Make plans to skip school/call in sick/take a long lunch now! That night, at 7:30pm and midnight to be precise, they'll be screenings of Lynch's latest film INLAND EMPIRE. Lynch will be at the first show for Q&A. Tickets for these shows are available here at the store or at the Seattle Art Museum at (206) 654-3121. The midnight show was just added so we won't have tickets for that until tomorrow, also known as Thursday, December 28th. If you come in to the signing at the store, we'll have copies of DYNAMIC 01: THE BEST OF DAVIDLYNCH.COM for sale on DVD. It's a collection of shorts previously only available on his website, including Lynch answering questions from the website and demonstrating how to make a lamp. So take your Blue Velvet poster off the wall, roll it up and bring it into Scarecrow to be signed by the master director. Then go home and take a nap to rest up for the midnight screening of INLAND EMPIRE. Lynch is distributing the film himself, so this may be your only chance to see it on the big screen. Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the big event...