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SIFF 2011 Movie Review - How To Die In Oregon

With the subject matter at hand it would be, quite honestly, difficult not to make a deeply affecting film about the Death with Dignity movement that started in Oregon and is very slowly spreading. The film primarily follows one woman's journey through terminal liver cancer, but intersperses her story with those of others who have chosen this path of choice rather than death, those who fight for the right to make this very personal and difficult decision for themselves, and, to a lesser extent, those who refuse and reject this movement. Personally I would urge everyone who is on the fence about this movement to see this movie because, quite honestly, I don't think anyone could see this film and not be convinced that everyone deserves the right to die with dignity when the only other alternative is to die painfully, lingeringly, and helplessly. Make sure that you bring tissues with you to this movie. You're gonna need them. Despite that, however, this is in fact more a film about life and living life than it is about death. These individuals have all chosen to go out on their own terms, to not allow a crippling disease to reduce them to the point of suffering and helplessness, but to exit this world peacefully and with dignity and in the meanwhile live their lives to the fullest that they can, often much longer than expected. It is a choice of empowerment at a time when your body is turning against you and disempowering you. Powerful stuff. USA, 2011 (108 minutes) Director: Peter D. Richardson Awards: Sundance 2011 (U.S. Documentary Competition Grand Jury Prize) Director Peter Richardson scheduled to attend. Festival Screenings 4:15 PM Fri, May 20 Harvard Exit 2:00 PM Sat, May 21 Pacific Place Cinemas 3:30 PM Sun, May 22 Renton IKEA Performance Hall