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Hello! As many of you know, this Thursday, May 19th, is the opening night for the Seattle International Film Festival! I have had the great pleasure of working for Scarecrow Video for over 10 years and at SIFF now for 9 years. I have always written reviews for all of the films that I have seen (ranging from my first year of 35 films to my highest of 92) and decided that I would bring my two loves together and post my SIFF reviews here on Scarecrow's site to hopefully inform and entertain our readers. I should warn you that my reviews tend to be pretty direct and personal - what I like (or don't like) and why. You might agree with me, you might disagree with me, but hopefully you'll get a clear sense of what the movie in question is like rather than a lot of roundabout commentary and comparisons to films you may or may not have seen. A lot of these reviews are written on the fast and dirty side, so I'll ask for your forgiveness and indulgence if they seem a bit rough and imperfect at times.

I've already seen 23 films through press screenings, with more on the way, and then of course even more during the festival. So I'm probably going to be slamming this place a bit with reviews to catch up and stay caught up. Hopefully you all can deal with that.�;-)