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Western Spotlight Section

I don't know if you know but now you will know. Scarecrow Video has a special spotlight section in our western rental section. The idea of this area is to spotlight specific sub-genres of the western. This month the spotlight section is "East Meets West(ern)." The focus is on films that combine Asian martial arts influences as well as Asian characters in a wild west setting. The cross connections between Samurai films and American Westerns are readily apparent and the Chinese played a major part in the settlement of the American West. This mix of culture had been lightly explored for decades in film and on television but it wasn�t until the early seventies when Asian martial arts and American cowboys were united. Many of these films were inspired by the Kung-Fu Television show and the sub-genre really seemed to be popular with Spaghetti Western filmmakers. The sub-genre has seen a resurgence in the past few years with fun films like The Good, The Bad and The Weird as well as Sukiyaki Western Django.� If you like kung fu and cowboys there is a lot to enjoy in this special spotlight section.